Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip to Birmingham

The kids and I headed to Birmingham for a few days to visit with family. We spent the day Wednesday with Mamaw, my grandmother. I wish we could see her more often than we do. It is so hard traveling with two small children (by myself) and Mamaw can't drive anymore, so it makes visits few too many. We had such a nice time and Georgia and Jack enjoyed rearranging EVERYTHING in her house. I tried my best to put everything back in its right place, but I know it will be weeks before Mamaw finds everything.Georgia and Mamaw looking at pictures

Georgia and Jack really enjoyed "playing" the piano

Jack (yes, that is a bottle...I know, I know..) and Mamaw

We then headed to Tori's (Toe Toe) house. She moved into a new house in Mountain Brook a few months ago and I was so excited to see all the things she had done since our last visit. Her house is so warm and cozy and perfect for her! She has a playhouse and tree swing in her backyard that Georgia loves. I was reminded why we don't travel often. Jack didn't go to sleep until almost 3 am. Yes, I said 3! He is such a creature of habit, and doesn't do well away from his crib. It was a long, rough night, but we survived.

Georgia on the tree swing

Toe Toe and Jack

Bryan, Jack, Toe Toe and Georgia

Toe Toe made pancakes for the kids

We also went to visit my aunt and uncle, Russ and Tree. I know they don't look old enough to be my aunt and uncle....Russ is my Mom's very younger brother (Tree and Michael are the same age). They just moved into a new house that they pretty much gutted. They have done a great job with everything...I should have taken more pics of the house. I have some very exciting news to share about Russ and Tree......but I have to wait just awhile. I promise to let you know soon, and it is GOOD!!

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Leah said...

I give you a thumbs up for traveling with two little ones!!! It's hard enough for me with one.