Saturday, September 29, 2012

AG Day & Homemade Ice Cream

Auburn University's E.V. Smith Research Center (which is located right off the Tallassee exit) held their first AG Discovery Adventure today.  Michael, Jack, Daniel and I met up with Kami, Joey and Virginia Kate and had a great time.  (Georgia Anne was having her own fun at Aunt Tori's house.)  We didn't get there until around 11:00 and it closed at 1:00, so we did miss a few activities, but still had a wonderful time.   

They had lots of pretty fall displays that were great for snapshots.
Jack, Virginia Kate and Daniel
They had tons of different tractors on display, which they had open for the kids to explore.
Daniel and Jack LOVED seeing the baby chicks hatch from their eggs. 
They had day old chicks for the kids to hold.  Jack got a little scared and dropped his right after Michael took this picture....luckily it was a soft landing for the poor chick!

Daniel just wanted to look, not hold.
Daniel was admiring Petunia, who later participated in a milking demonstration.
They had two male bulls that were only 7 days old.  They were so sweet and gentle and Jack really enjoyed petting them.
Jack and Daniel with the goats

Daniel, Jack and Michael on the tractor pulled trailer.

They demonstrated how to make fresh squeezed apple juice.  
Virginia Kate really enjoyed her cup of apple juice.
We all enjoyed a little ice cream...
...even Virginia Kate!


Later this afternoon, our sweet neighbor, Mr. Moon invited us over for homemade ice cream. We knew we were in for a treat getting homemade ice cream, but then we walked over we saw his "new" ice cream maker.
He got a 1913 "hit and miss" engine from a local farmer.  He built an ice cream machine which is powered by this engine.  If you could have heard it, you would understand why he called it a hit and miss engine.  It had a very distinct sound. 

Here's a picture of the label on the side.  It was manufactured by Root & Vandervoort Engineering Company for John Deere in 1913. 
Checking to see if it was ready...

Thank goodness it was!!

Jack was first in line to get his ice cream.  This is the only picture of the finished product...we all were too busy eating to take any more pictures.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Zadie's Zoo Party

Daniel, Zadie, Georgie and Jack
Saturday we went to the Montgomery Zoo to celebrate Zadie's 4th birthday.  It was a GREAT party full of fun activities!!

Several of the zoo keepers brought out several animals for the kids to see and learn about.
Georgie and Sidney checking out the chinchilla.
Valerie and Jack
Daniel and the chinchilla checking each other out.

Next up was a snake....I love the looks on the kid's faces!
Daniel and Jack holding a skin the snake shed just a few days earlier.

Daniel was not diggin' the snake.  After she walked passed him he came and wanted me to hold him.

 We were super excited that the Sky Lift was finally open!!

Laura and Zadie
Sidney, Andy and Georgie

A view from the sky lift
We got to see the giraffe's water bowl atop the big rock.

We also got to see the hippo for the first time while riding the sky lift.  He's usually hiding!
Allison and Georgie

Laura did face painting for the kids!!

The kids got a chance to play on the awesome park at the zoo!

I thought this pic of Jack and Valerie was so cute!  Jack told me they can't sit together at lunch at school anymore because they talk too much.  I saw Saturday, their teachers are exactly right.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I decided when the kids got back in school I was going to try and actually MAKE some of the many things I have pinned from Pinterest.  Amazing, I know!  Anyway, I got a few things done this week and thought I'd share with you.

Headband holder for Georgia Anne
See the original pin here.

Sweet Home Alabama sign
See the original pin here.

Hometown Sign 
See the original pin here.

Thankful Canvas
See the original pin here.