Saturday, October 4, 2008

Funny Police Story

Well, I do have a funny little story about Georgia Anne and her first experience with a police officer. Wednesday she goes to dancing, and I had to run in Wal-Mart before I took her. We were in a hurry to make it to dancing on time. As we were scurrying to the car, a truck pulled in the parking space beside our car. Three men get out of the truck...nothing unusual. About that time, a police car comes wheeling in and blocks the truck in and a police officer gets out and says, "Get back in the truck, NOW!" Georgia then starts yelling, "Look, Mommy...a policeman. Hey, Mr. Policeman" as she is waving to him. As he is forcefully instructing the men to cooperate, he mumbles, "Hey, Sweetie." This is when it gets interesting. Georgia then proceeds to ask him, "Hey, Mr. Policeman...what did they do? Are you going to take them to jail?" I am trying my best to get Jack buckled in his car seat as Georgia is interrogating the police and suspects. Of course, her car seat is on the same side as the truck and police. When the police officer won't answer her, she then moves on to asking the men what exactly they had done. Her bossy nature is about to really show. "Hey, you know when you do bad things, you will get locked up in jail, and believe me you don't want that!" I was being blocked from getting her in the car. Finally the police officer realized we couldn't get in the car, and politely moved. I couldn't get her buckled up fast enough. It was so darn funny!! I know I shouldn't have laughed but I couldn't help myself.

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Leah said...

That made my day!!! Hilarious!!!!!