Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, P.J.

Yesterday, October 30th, was P.J. Butler's 8th birthday. For those of you who don't know, P.J. is like a child to is really kind of sad how spoiled this dog is. Everyone said when Georgia Anne was born, P.J. would live the life of a dog, and not like a person (like he was accustomed). Well, everyone was wrong!! This 27 lb., fur-shedding, alien-looking pug dog is still the king of this house. I thought I'd share a little bit about P.J....he is a rather interesting character!

We joke and say P.J. is really a cat because he has used 8 of his 9 lives. I believe it started the day he was born, Halloween Eve. A black cat must have run in front of his mother as he was being born, because as you will see, he has had his share of bad luck. It all started when he was about 6 months old, he ran after my car at the radio station and was "blown off" of Hwy 229 by two vehicles. He had to have his knee and hip replaced. Then a few months later, he had two different surgeries, hernia and neutered. Then there was the time he jumped off a 12 foot deck because he had to go to the bathroom (yes, there were stairs, but he decided to sky-dive for the heck of it). He has fallen into the great Tallapoosa River and was swept downstream before he luckily made his way back to shore. He is allergic to the rabies vaccination, as well as the K-9 Advantix flea treatment, that apparently usually only affects cats. Then, the most famous story of all, the electrocution. This one I have to tell the entire story, since he is well known for "coming back from the light." One morning as I was getting ready in the bathroom, I heard a loud crash in the living room. The cat and him were chasing each other and they knocked the lamp off the table. At this point, mad, I went to see the damage, and that is when I smelled the worst smell I have ever smelled. I heard a thumping under the table, and there was P.J. hog-tied by the lamp cord which was also running through his mouth. Scared I would too get shocked, I pulled the cord from the wall. There lied little P.J. dead. He wasn't breathing, moving...anything. I frantically called Michael, crying, telling him what had happened. He was on the way home. I went back and at this point he was unconscious, but breathing very shallow and short breathes. I called the vet, and was told to get him there right away. As I scooped him up in a towel, and headed out the door, Michael came driving up. We rushed him to the vet, where they were waiting on us. We waited and after a few minutes, Dr. Davidson, came and told us it didn't look good for P.J. His mouth was burned and there was fluid in his lungs. She told us to come back after lunch and she'd let us know if he had made any progress. After lunch, we headed back expecting the worse. She was waiting, and said, "I have never seen anything like this. He is fine." She brought him to us and there he was, looking better than ever. Apparently, according to the vets, it was a text book example of some kind of rare instance where they snap out of their "sickness." We look back now and laugh, but it was an awful experience. Needless to say, he has since settled down. He is now deaf, and sleeps about 23 hours a day. When he is not sleeping, he is snorting, sniffing and searching for food. He is the best little dog and he lets the kids do anything to him. Which leads me to the next thing.....
P.J. Butler's Birthday Party
About a week ago, I told Georgia P.J. had a birthday coming up. For those of you that don't know, birthdays and especially birthday parties are very important to Georgia. She said very sadly when I told her P.J.'s birthday was approaching, "Poor, poor P.J. He has never had a birthday party. I think we need to have a party for him and invite Coach Dollar's pugs." Coach Dollar is Tallassee's head football coach, who has 5 pugs. Georgia and Coach Dollar struck up a friendship when he moved here last year, and she loves his dogs. I joking said, "OK" thinking she would soon forget. Silly me to think she might forget. The next day she asked so many times about calling Coach Dollar that I finally caved in. The invitation was extended, and Coach Dollar, his wife Kim, and two of his pugs, Ruby and Suki, accepted the invitation. We went to Wal-Mart and Georgia picked everything out for the party. Pink and white cupcakes, Superman plates, cheese curls, and Coke. We also had to make party favors for Suki and Ruby. Basil, Tori's pug, even made the trip from Birmingham to attend the party. A fun time was had by all and here are the pictures from the party.....
(I know a lot of you now think we are totally CRAZY...and we are!)
The party food, drinks, and favors...

Michael (holding P.J. and Basil) and Coach Dollar (holding Suki and Ruby)

Kim eating a cupcake as Ruby begs for another...

Suki about to enjoy her cupcake...



Jack and Coach Dollar....

Everyone who attended: Nana, Jack, P.J., Michael, Georgia Anne, Basil, Kim, Suki, Ruby and Coach Dollar.

My mom laughed and said she thought she had finally met someone who was crazier about their pugs that we were...The Dollars!! LOL Thanks to Rod and Kim for coming to P.J. Butler's 8th birthday! It meant so much to Georgia Anne. She was so proud of his party!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip to Birmingham

The kids and I headed to Birmingham for a few days to visit with family. We spent the day Wednesday with Mamaw, my grandmother. I wish we could see her more often than we do. It is so hard traveling with two small children (by myself) and Mamaw can't drive anymore, so it makes visits few too many. We had such a nice time and Georgia and Jack enjoyed rearranging EVERYTHING in her house. I tried my best to put everything back in its right place, but I know it will be weeks before Mamaw finds everything.Georgia and Mamaw looking at pictures

Georgia and Jack really enjoyed "playing" the piano

Jack (yes, that is a bottle...I know, I know..) and Mamaw

We then headed to Tori's (Toe Toe) house. She moved into a new house in Mountain Brook a few months ago and I was so excited to see all the things she had done since our last visit. Her house is so warm and cozy and perfect for her! She has a playhouse and tree swing in her backyard that Georgia loves. I was reminded why we don't travel often. Jack didn't go to sleep until almost 3 am. Yes, I said 3! He is such a creature of habit, and doesn't do well away from his crib. It was a long, rough night, but we survived.

Georgia on the tree swing

Toe Toe and Jack

Bryan, Jack, Toe Toe and Georgia

Toe Toe made pancakes for the kids

We also went to visit my aunt and uncle, Russ and Tree. I know they don't look old enough to be my aunt and uncle....Russ is my Mom's very younger brother (Tree and Michael are the same age). They just moved into a new house that they pretty much gutted. They have done a great job with everything...I should have taken more pics of the house. I have some very exciting news to share about Russ and Tree......but I have to wait just awhile. I promise to let you know soon, and it is GOOD!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dancing in Halloween Costumes

Each year during Halloween week, Mrs. Brooke lets the girls dress up in their Halloween costumes for dancing. This year, Georgia went as a kitty cat, which is very fitting for her personality! Mrs. Brooke was Hannah Montana this year, and the parents got a nice surprise....Mrs. Brooke let us come back to see the routine they have been working on. Georgia has been so excited for the past month because they had been dancing to Ghostbusters, which is one of her all time favorite songs. Well, we got to see the Ghostbusters dance! It was precious and Georgia has thrilled that Jack and I got to see her dance. Mrs. Brooke is such a good dance teacher and Georgia absolutely loves her!
The Ghostbuster Dance.....

Nap Time

Georgia Anne (about 18 months old)

Jack (15 months old)

I took this picture of Jack a few days ago while he was napping. I've been trying to free up some space on my computer, and I came across this picture of Georgia napping when she was about 18 or 19 months old. I thought it was interesting to see the similarities. They both LOVE a blanket and can't sleep without one. The pink/blue/white crocheted blanket was my blanket when I was a baby. My Mamaw made it and both of the kids love it (notice it in both of the pics). Jack sleeps with it at all times! Georgie still had her pacifier, which Jack gave up when he started teething.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo

Michael and I have been saying we were going to take the kids to the zoo since Jack hasn't been since he was about 6 months old. The weather has been beautiful lately, so Wednesday Michael knocked off work a little early and we headed to the zoo. The last time we went, we were going to ride the train last, and when we got there, the last ride ended about 10 minutes before we got there. So this time, we rode the train first. Georgia doesn't forget much, and she reminded us how we made her miss the train ride last time.

On the train....this was Jack's first time to ride!

Michael, Jack and the rhino!

Georgia and Jack goofing off at the new river otter exhibit.

Me, Jack and Georgia at the giraffe exhibit.

On the go.....

This is how she wants to leave the house...

Georgia actually wanted to leave the house looking like this. She changes clothes about 5 or 6 times a day, and this is the outfit she assembled one day this past week. It includes, two bathing suits... layered, nude dancing tights, black velvet gloves from a dance recital costume, her new pink glitter belt running through the bows on the bathing suit and her new pink glitter shoes. Isn't she lovely? She thought this was the best ensemble she has come up with yet. Needless to say, she changed before we left.

and....more Soccer Pictures, and Trophies!!

I know many of you are tired of seeing all the soccer pics, so this will probably be the last soccer post. Georgia has one more game Monday, but they got their trophies this past week. I am so glad Georgia played. She has had so much fun and made a lot of new friends. I would encourage any of you with little ones in Tallassee to urge your child to participate. The Rec. Dept. does a great job with the program, it is dirt cheap, and a great way for them to learn about teamwork. Georgia before the game.

Georgia and Jaden, with her biggest fan, Jack!

Georgia played goalie most of the time. At one point she was hissing like a cat and showing her "claws" to any players who got near the goal.

Georgia and her new friend, Bradyn

Go Gold Team!!

Georgia and John show off their new trophies!

Coach Eric and Georgia

The group picture with their trophies!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jack's First Haircut

Well, it's official that Jack isn't a baby anymore. We took him for his first haircut today and he now has a big boy haircut. I was a little sad because I knew he wasn't going to look like a baby anymore. Kathy Chandler at Cuttin' Up cut it for him. He cried when we sat him in the chair. We got him calmed down and then he started crying again when she put the cape on him. After she spun him around so he could see himself in the mirror, he was fine. After that, he did great! He sat there and let her cut, until she broke out the trimmer. He doesn't like things that make noises, so I knew this wasn't going to go well. Luckily, she got it done quick. All was good, when Kathy pulled the suckers out. Georgia was happy because she got one too.