Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Back Gate

I got started a little early on fall decorating.  I am going to do a more Halloween themed front porch (since my kids have begged for that for the past few years).  I love fall decorating so I decided to add a few things to the back gate.  I really don't know why I have never done this before, since it is the way we come in our house.  I'm glad I did so we can enjoy it for the next few months.
I painted the garden flag from a left over drop cloth from another project.  I primed it, painted it and then sealed it with a clear varnish.
I had to get corn stalks for Jack's teacher at school.  I decided to keep a few to add to each side of the gate.
And how could I not add a photo of my little side kick? 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Butler Baptisms

Sunday, August 25 was one of the happiest days of my life.  It was truly a perfect day.  All three of my children were baptized before us, our family, friends and the church family I love dearly.

Michael and I were both raised Baptist and when we joined the Methodist Church several years ago one of the things we weren't sure how to handle was the baptism of the children.  None of them were baptized as infants, which traditionally is when most are baptized in the Methodist Church.  This past spring Georgia Anne told us she wanted to be baptized.  We (along with Dave, our pastor) talked with her about her decision.  As a mother I have prayed often that all three of my children would know and accept Jesus as their Savior at a young age.  Georgia's decision was an answered prayer.  

The Methodist Church usually sprinkles infants.  When Georgia Anne told us she wanted to be baptized she said she did not want to be sprinkled, but "dunked" just like Jesus was by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.  We were so excited that Dave found a way right in front of the church!!  This was the first baptism by immersion in a long time at First Methodist in Tallassee.  

The boys were both baptized that day too (they were sprinkled).  What a blessing it was and such a meaningful experience for us as a family. 


Our friend Chhorn Lim with CGL Photography took these photos for us.  I am so thankful he was able to come and document this wonderful day for us!! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School

My poor little blog has been neglected lately.  The kids and I made the best of our last weeks of summer, but the time has come for back to school.  The kids started to school last week.  The two days Daniel and I are at home together it sure is lonely without the other two with us.  :(    

Georgia Anne is in the fourth grade this year.  I can hardly believe we have a child old enough to be in the fourth grade!?!?  I got a kick out of her saying she was a "senior" at the elementary school.  Funny girl.

Our "wonderful teacher streak" continues this year with Mrs. Cunningham.  She is the best and I know Georgie will have a wonderful year.

My precious middle child started kindergarten and let me just tell was hard on him and his Mommy!  I was an emotional wreck last week (and still am a little if the truth be known).  Jack has the sweetest, most loving little personality and does not do well with change and things that are different.  We both survived the first week and today I sent him in school without any tears and happy, which was a wonderful feeling! 
We were thrilled he got Mrs. Looney because her personality is a perfect fit for Jack and she is a wonderful teacher.  I do not have to worry one bit about him with her.
One last snapshot before I left him the first day. 

He about broke my heart on Wednesday.  We were talking when I was tucking him in bed when he told me he had to hold back the tears all day at school because he wondered where I was and what I was doing all day long.  He said he just wanted to stay at home with me forever.  Such a sweet angel. 

Finally, D-Man is headed back to Pre-K for three mornings a week.  He likes going to school and enjoys being with his friends.  He always tells me the funniest stories about what happens at school.  I don't have to pry information out of him that's for sure.  I love his happy-go-lucky attitude so much!
Mrs. Creel, Daniel and Mrs. Dickerson

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Easy Hanging Plant Redo

I purchased a few hanging fern baskets for the front porch a few weeks ago.  They looked nice but the ugly green baskets they were hanging in bothered me.  Then it hit me one day to cover the basket with jute twine.  I simply started at the base of the basket and hot glued the rope until I reached the top.  Then I tied burlap ribbon around them and there you go....pretty baskets!  Such a easy fix.  Five dollars for the rope and about 10 minutes of my time. 


Friday, June 28, 2013

Peach Tree

 Last spring when my Granny died, a family friend sent the kids the sweetest note with money for them to use to honor Granny in some way.  Georgia Anne had a great idea to use the money to purchase a tree and plant it in memory of Granny.  I thought it was a wonderful idea.  We took them to the garden center and let them choose the tree they wanted.  They selected a peach tree and let them decide where to plant it. 
I miss Granny so much.  She loved flowers and gardening and it makes me smile when I see the tree and think of her.
The first blooms this spring came on the year anniversary of her death.  I was sad that entire day. Towards the end of the day I was in the kitchen at the sink when I looked out the window and noticed the little tree the kids had selected and planted had a few pretty pink blooms.  Pink was her favorite color.  It was almost as if Granny was showing me it was alright. 
Soon the tree was covered with little green peaches.

And now full of fuzzy ripe peaches that just make he happy.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Grand Hotel Vacation

We just returned from a lovely trip to the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama.  It was the perfect family vacation for us: plenty of activities for the family, beautiful scenery and lots of good food.
Our attempt at a family photo (thanks to a nice gentleman who snapped it for us).

I think the following photos speak for themselves.  Like I said, beautiful, beautiful scenery!
Our view of Mobile Bay from our balcony. 

We enjoyed.....
lots of swimming in the hotel's amazing pool....
putting practice on the golf greens in front of the hotel....
introducing the kiddos to relaxing in a hammock....
bicycle riding along the boardwalk....
lots of swimming time on the bay's beach....
beautiful sunsets in the evenings....
kayaking fun on the bay....
and lots more swimming in the hotels off-location pool.

What I loved most was Michael and I getting to spend time with these precious babies God has given us!!