Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mornings with Nana

A few months ago, Memaw (Cathy), Kami and I started going to Zumba two mornings a week (which I love and invite you to come with us). Nana (and Papa) have been so nice to watch Daniel so we could go. Most mornings I find them on the back porch when I get back. Daniel loves it out there, and he especially loves Molly, Nana's dog (although I think Molly is a little jealous when Daniel is there).

Monday, April 26, 2010

Daniel at 13 Months

Here are a few pics of little man, taken at 13 months. O.K. bloggers, I need your help. I want to take one of these and have it made into a canvas. I would love to know which one you like the best. I think I know the one I like the best, but I need some reassurance!

Now, I thought I'd share how I got these pictures (which are actually some of my all-time favorites so far). I have been going through all of the kid's packed-up clothes. When I got to Jack's summer clothes, I found these little overalls. I had totally forgotten about them because Jack only wore them a handful of times. When I saw them, I suddenly remembered one of my favorite pictures of Jack, and he was wearing these. Then I thought, wait a minute, I took those pictures in the alley behind the Hotel Talisi (which burned down a few months back for those of you that didn't know). I wondered if that doorway was still standing. So I got Daniel in the overalls and we headed over to see. Yes, it was still there! I was so excited. Well, I have a tendency to want to "recreate" pictures I have taken of Georgia and Jack with Daniel (especially ones of Jack...I guess because they are both boys??). You know how that usually turns never get that lucky twice. Well, I was so excited when I took these, because Daniel was in the best mood and smiling and the light was perfect. Isn't it funny how some pics come about? These pictures of Jack and Georgia were taken on 7-28-08, when Jack was almost the same age as Daniel. We were driving by the Hotel and as we passed the alley, I thought, that would be a cool place to take their picture. So we hopped out and got these.

Jack at 12 months

Georgia Anne at 4 1/2 years old

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Georgie has started another season of t-ball. This year she is on the "Lady Bugs" team and she is #9. I sure hope she decides to stick with softball, because it is so much fun. She has really improved since last year. She doesn't have to hit off the T (most of the time) and I think she really understands the basic rules of the game this year. She is a sight to see on the field!!

Paw Paw and Jack

Cousins: Brittan, Brooke, Georgia Anne, and Jack

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mrs. Dickerson's Kindergarten Class

The entire kindergarten class from Tallassee Elementary School went on their second field trip of the school year a few weeks ago. They went to The Montgomery Zoo. Michael went with Georgie this time, since I got to go with her in the fall. It was funny, when we had to fill out the consent forms and send them back, we had to indicate if a parent would be attending with the student. When I was filling it out, Georgie got real nervous and started fidgeting and shuffling around. I asked her what was the matter, and she hesitated for awhile, and then quietly asked, "Do you think Daddy could go this time, since you got to go last time? I bet Daddy gets real sad that you always get to go and he never does." It was the sweetest thing to me. First, that she wanted Michael to go with her, and second, that she got so nervous asking, because she didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Georgia and Caleb

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Air Show at Maxwell Air Force Base

A few weekends ago we went to the Thunder Over Alabama Air Show at Maxwell Air Force Base. All I can say is that it was INCREDIBLE!! I saw somewhere they estimate around 120,000 people attended this year.

This is Georgia on a flying replica of the Wright Flyer. Earlier in the day, this cute little old man flew this plane. I wish we could have been there to see it! Anyway, he was so sweet. He let the kids get on and he taught them how to steer the plane. Georgia really liked it, but Jack was scared the second Michael put him on the seat!!

These were WWII Aeroshell Aerobatics. They were really impressive and I loved the way the planes sounded.

All I have to say about this picture is, "What is wrong here?" Sad isn't it that the six year old is in the stroller while the baby is being carried!!

The Budweiser Clydesdales were on location at the air show.

Then it was time for the grand finale....the Air Force's Thunderbirds!! If you have never seen a Thunderbird's show, pictures just don't do it justice. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. It is unreal how close these guys get, and the jaw-dropping maneuvers they do!

Before the Thunderbird's started, the base had military personnel riding around on golf carts handing out ear plugs to everyone. We tried to get the kids to wear them....but they wouldn't. Here is the reaction the first time they flew by low.....

I wish you could have seen Jack scrambling to get that pack of ear plugs open! It was sad....but oh so funny!!!


So after many, many months of whining coming from the back seat of the Butler family car about the sun being in the kid's eyes, Michael and I decided it was time for new sunglasses for all three Butler kiddos! We have the cheesy "sun protective thingies" for the windows, but Jack thinks it is funny to rip them off the windows.....every time you put them back, down they come. So we are going to keep these sunglasses in the car, and not let them take them in the house so they will always be there (we'll see how long it takes before someones gets lost, and my bet is on Jack for the first to lose his). They were very proud of their new sunglasses!!

These kids are WAY COOL...don't you think? (At least they think so)