Monday, December 14, 2009

First Baptist Children's Musical

Sunday evening the children's choirs at First Baptist had their Christmas musical. It was mainly the children's choir, but the preschool choir had a few parts in the musical. Their choir sang the opening song, and my sweet Georgie said the opening prayer. (Georgia can say the sweetest prayers, and she is always called on at church, and family get-togethers to say the prayer or blessing.) But she was most excited because she got to play Mary! She has been so excited about this and was beside herself the night of the musical. I was very proud of my little girl!

The nativity scene

"Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus"
(Tyler and Georgia)

Georgia Anne and Taylor

Butler Christmas Party

Saturday night Ned and Betty (Grandma and Grandaddy Butler) hosted the annual Butler Christmas party at Johnny G's restaurant. It was fun to get to hang out the all the Butlers. Someone eating in the restaurant said, "Man that's a lot of Butlers in one place!" HA!! All Butlers....and Joey! I laughed and told Joey to get in the picture because he was a Butler now, whether he wanted to be or not!
Joey, Steve, Ned, Michael, Kami, Trey and Larry

Grandaddy and Grandma Butler

Our attempt of a picture of the great-grandchildren

Andrew, Nicholas, Hannah, Hunter, Heather, Daniel, Georgia, Haleigh, Jack and Brittan

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday morning the Talisi Women's Club hosted a Breakfast with Santa at the Methodist Church. The Butler crew made our way to see Santa and have a pancake breakfast. This was the kids second time to see Santa, so they were a little more at ease with him. Jack didn't scream and cry when he saw him, and he actually stood next to him. Daniel didn't cry either, he just kept turning around looking at him. Of course, Georgia went right up and sat in his lap. We had the best time, and it was Michael's birthday, so it was fun we all got to do something together.

My sweet little Jack

The Butler Crew: Michael, Daniel, Santa, Leigh Anne, MeMaw (Cathy), Georgia Anne, Jack, Paw Paw (Steve), Joey and Kami

Jack, Georgie and Marshall

I call this picture "Georgia Anne Thornhill" .....because Beth and Byron wanted to get a family picture with Santa, and when they went and got next to Santa, Georgia just decided she wanted to be in the picture too. Someone said, "Look, there's a new Thornhill!" We told her to get out of the picture, she proceeded to cry, and sweet Beth told her to come get in the picture with them anyway! Later Georgia told me, "I am their family, Mama."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We've got a tooth!!

Well after months of waiting, Daniel FINALLY has a tooth!! He was a late bloomer (like his brother and sister). At nine months, we (well, technically he) have one pearly white on bottom. Michael laughs and says he is a "Tennessee tooth in his head" (sorry to any of my readers in or from's all in fun). I just crack up every time he smiles big at me...that one little tooth on bottom smiling back!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tallassee Christmas Parade

The Tallassee Christmas Parade was this past Saturday...and it was FREEZING COLD!! For about ten years now, Michael has broadcast the parade for the radio station. This year, we continued the tradition with the live broadcast on 1300 WTLS, 106.5 FM and We were excited this year we were also able to broadcast via webcam at!! (By the way, if you missed it and would like to see it, you can still watch it....just click on the "on-demand" tab at Well this year, we stepped it up a notch by having a presence in the parade. With my Dad's persuasion, Mom, Georgia, Jack and I rode in the Mercedes for the radio station. Georgia chose not the ride with Studio B Dance Center this year, so she could ride on our "float" and throw candy. We learned a valuable lesson this more candy...a LOT more candy! We only threw candy to the kids and we ran out about half way through. It was really embarrassing....little kids shouting at you, "we want candy!!" Anyway we had about a five gallon bucket full of candy, and it wasn't near enough!!