Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Funny Pics

This picture is so typical.....Michael holding our FAT pug dog like the child he thinks he is, Jack in a diaper with cheese curls all over his face and Georgia wearing a Dora shirt from Wal-Mart licking her fingers from eating the cheese curls!

Michael and the kids about to take P.J. on a walk. Notice Georgia's get-up....she dressed herself. Christmas pants,"Big Sis" t-shirt, blue sweatshirt jacket, hot pink baseball cap and white furry ear muffs!

Christmas Day Surprise!!

I have exciting news to share...my sister, Tori is now engaged to be married to a sweet guy, Bryan! I must say this was a total shock....not that he proposed (we were kind of expecting that to happen soon), but how he did.
We all were at Mom and Dad's house Christmas Day opening presents. Bryan brought gifts for everyone, including his gifts for Tori. She opened several gifts from him. Then she opened one of her gifts from Mom and Dad, a leaf blower, which she had been wanting. Then she opened another gift from Bryan, another leaf blower. Well Mom commented, "Oh, we stole your thunder." Well little did we know he had a lot more thunder than a leaf blower! As we all had finished opening our gifts, we were just sitting there talking, looking at what the others had gotten....the usual. Then I look over and Bryan is down on one knee and pulls out a ring. I start yelling at Michael to get the camera recording. (Michael is known for being a little obnoxious with his videoing and of all times, he runs out of battery!!!) I look over and Mama is crying, Daddy is deer in the headlights, and Georgia is saying, "What? What?" It was quite the scene. We are so happy for them and look forward to their wedding (which is planned for August 1st).
Congratulations, Tori and Bryan!!

I had to include this cute picture of Mamaw. She has macular degeneration and is legally blind. She runs over to Tori with her high powered magnifying glass to get a look at the ring!! Too funny!!

Christmas Morning

What a wonderful Christmas!! The Butlers have MUCH to be thankful for and it was so much fun seeing our two little ones enjoy Christmas morning. I wasn't sure exactly how much of it Jack would understand, but I am here to tell you, HE GOT IT!! Georgia's first remark was, "Oh my goodness....Jack you got your very own robot (which she asked Santa to bring Jack)." Jack immediately went to his train table. I love these pictures...bed heads and matching PJ's!!
Georgie has to sit down to take it all in.

Jack didn't waste any time getting started playing with his train table. The first think he did was go to it and say, "oohh...oohh....Dor-Da (Georgia)."

I think the Thomas Train table was their favorite!

All smiles....

Georgie giving Minnie a big hug!

The plastic play food was a big hit...go figure! Georgia requested this because she had lost all of her old play food for her kitchen. Jack especially liked it!!

Daddy reading Jack one of his new books.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards

I cut it close this year getting our Christmas cards out before Christmas. For the past few years I have been making our Christmas cards, and although I love doing it, it takes a really long time to do them all. I thought I'd share our card and the picture. I had to do two different cards, same photo, but different paper and ribbon, because I couldn't find enough of one paper to do all the cards the same. I picked the card I liked the best to photograph. Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about Christmas! It's so much fun getting cards from friends and family, especially the ones you don't see often!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Card Outtakes

I thought I'd share a few of the pictures from our MANY attempts at a Christmas card picture. It is so much harder getting two to cooperate rather than just one. Next year will be even harder, two toddlers and a baby! I better start earlier than I did this year!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gingerbread House

Michael bought a gingerbread house kit for Georgia Anne the other day at Cracker Barrel. Georgia and I did one several years ago, but he thought she would really enjoy doing one now she has gotten a little bigger. She patiently waited for Michael to get home from work so they could assemble it. Georgia and Michael did the entire thing by themselves! I was even impressed that Michael had the idea to sprinkle powdered sugar over the house to look like snow. I think they did a great job! Georgia wants to eat it now....although I'm not sure how good it would be.

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Georgia Anne & Jack Radio Christmas Special

The past three years, Georgia Anne has hosted The Georgia Anne Christmas Special on our radio station. It's that time again, and this year little Jack joins her. You can listen via web streaming live on www.1300wtls.com. Airtimes are listed above (this is the ad that will be the The Tallassee Tribune this week).
You can also check out the article Michael wrote about it on TallasseeTimes.com.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tallassee Christmas Parade

Last Saturday was the annual Tallassee Christmas parade. Every year we broadcast the parade live on the radio. I usually have to work the board back at the station, so I always missed seeing the parade. For the past two years, since Georgia Anne has been in the parade, we used the laptop and Wi-Fi Internet so Michael could run the board remotely from the parade! Yeah!!

(If you would like to see more pictures from the parade, you can check out our new Tallassee on-line newspaper site, TallasseeTimes.com)

Paw Paw, Michael, Jack, Papa and Memaw

Jack and Papa

Michael, Jack and Memaw

The next generation broadcaster...

This was Georgia's second year to ride on the Studio B Dance Center float. Mrs. Brooke lets the older girls march, but the smaller ones ride on a float. Georgia was so excited about being in the parade!

Harley, Georgia Anne and Brooke

The Studio B Dance Float

Riding on the float....

Georgie modeling her parade outfit!!

Visit to Santa

We took Georgia Anne and Jack to see Santa at Suzannah's Photography. Georgia has been to see Santa here every year since she was born. She always cried hysterically until last year. I expected Jack to be the same way, but he surprised us. He liked Santa! He was a little unsure about sitting in his lap, but he didn't cry. He really liked Santa, especially when someone was holding him.
Georgia asked Santa for a Barbie Diamond Castle, a talking jaguar (it's actually a tiger, but she will argue with you that it's a jaguar), Wall-E, an umbrella, raincoat and rain boots. Then she said since Jack couldn't talk, she would tell Santa what he wanted...a robot and racetrack.
I got tickled thinking about our trip last year to see Santa. Georgia was so cute. When she saw Santa, she got nervous and said the first thing that popped in her head..."This is Jack and he doesn't have any teeth."
By the way, my friend Andrea made the cute shirts the kids are wearing. You need to check out her website ABC Custom Designs. She does such cute things and is so reasonably priced!

Happy Birthday Michael!!

December 12....Michael's 37th birthday!
I have been with Michael for over half of my life. I didn't think I could love him any more than I did when we got married, but I must say, I do love him more now that we have children. He is such a wonderful father, husband and provider! He works very hard and puts in many long hours, so I can stay home with the kids. When he comes home he is tired, but he still loves to play with the children. I am so thankful that Georgia and Jack will have such wonderful memories of their dad getting down on the floor and rolling around with them, playing dress-up, kicking the ball around, playing games, dancing to their favorite songs.... What better day than his birthday to let him know how much we love him and are thankful for what he does for us!

We love you, Daddy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Riding the Christmas Train at the Mall

We took the kids to ride the Christmas train at the mall last week. We told Georgia we were taking her, so she was all excited. When we get there, Michael says, "I hope you have some cash because I don't." I don't know what he was thinking....he knows I NEVER have any cash! Well, here we are at the train, two excited children and no cash! We don't have an ATM card, which would have been the simple solution. So what do we do? I go to Wal-Mart down the road, buy some Christmas cards for the radio station and use the Discover card....and get $20 cash back! Oh, Dave Ramsey would be disgusted, but what else to do? So thirty minutes and a Cinnabon cinnamon roll later, Georgie and Jack get to ride the train. Nothing is ever simple with us....we enjoy a challenge!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Card Pics and a Silly Cat

We went for our THIRD attempt at Christmas card pictures on Wednesday. When we got in the car ready to leave this little grey cat came up to the car and just jumped in and sat in between the kid's car seats. He just sat there like, "O.K. I'm ready, let's go." Of course, Georgia wants to take the cat home with us. Jack was going nuts, because he has a serious infatuation with cats, and this little guy wasn't running from him! He was a sweet cat, but he did have a collar. I had to explain to Georgia about fifty times why we couldn't bring him home.

As soon as I decide on the card pic, I'll post some of the others!