Monday, May 24, 2010

Dance Recital

Saturday was Georgia Anne's dance recital. This is her third year taking from Brooke at Studio B Dance Center. This year she had to perform at both recitals. You know a Butler day wouldn't be complete without a little drama! In the first recital, she danced her gymnastics routine in the closing number. While the girls waited in a classroom during the show, Georgia somehow falls and hurts her arm. One of the ladies backstage comes and finds me at intermission with her crying hysterically. Now, Georgie tends to be very dramatic, especially when she is injured, but I knew she really was hurt. After finally calming her down, she performs, but you can tell she is in pain. So in between the two shows, we take her home to rest and give her ibuprofen. She still is complaining that her arm hurts. We didn't know what to do....take her to the emergency room, or let her tough it out and perform. Well, she decides to perform. She did a GREAT job, but I could tell she was a little off and taken back by her arm. After a trip to the emergency room, it was determined her arm was sprained, and not fractured (thank goodness). We love dance, but I am glad this year is done and in the books! Enjoy the pics!!

Jazz: Shake Your Groove Thing

Tap: Papa Loves Mambo

Baton: Hey Juliet

Ballet: You'll Be in My Heart

Gymnastics: Follow the Leader

Monday, May 17, 2010

Noah's Train Party

Saturday was Noah's 4th birthday party! He had a Thomas the Train party at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera. We were in a dilemma because Georgia had already been invited to her friend Caleb's party the same day. Nana and Papa came to the rescue and volunteered to take Jack to Noah's party. All I can say is he had the best time. He has talked non-stop about the party since he got back!

Noah and Jack

Jack REALLY liked the Thomas cake! He is still talking about the blue icing!

Nana and Papa said he held his train ticket the entire train ride. He was really excited that the ticket man punched his ticket.

Papa and Jack (and his ticket)

Nana, Jack (and his ticket) and Papa on the open air train car.

Peggy, Whitney, Jack and Kenzie

Nana said Jack and Peggy really hit it off! I think she smiled at him a lot. Jack knows a pretty girl when he sees one!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mrs. Dickerson's Baby Shower

Mrs. Dickerson's class gave her a baby shower last Friday at school. Mrs. Dickerson is expecting her first baby, a little boy (Davis Reed) in July. We LOVE Mrs. Dickerson!! She is the best teacher, and is so talented, sweet, loving and smart! She truly found her calling when she decided to teach. Georgia adores her and we will miss her terribly next year!

Mrs. Noble, the children's art teacher, helped them make this gift for her as a surprise. The "flowers" are their hand prints. She was very surprised!

The class also gave her a diaper cake (which I made).

The children were so proud of their gifts for her. You should have seen their little faces when she opened each gift.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Mrs. Dickerson's Kindergarten Class

Georgia's Kindergarten Graduation was this past Tuesday. She was so excited about this (and me too). I really didn't expect to get so emotional. During the ceremony, it really hit me at what a special year she has had. She has grown into a young lady right before our eyes. She was so blessed to have gotten Mrs. Dickerson for her first teacher. She was blessed to be in such a sweet little class, and has made many new friends. I can not put into words how proud I am of this little girl!

Mr. Pressley (TES Principal) presenting Georgia with her "diploma"

They performed several songs. Georgia's favorite was "One Small Voice", which they also signed as they sang.

What happened next I wasn't prepared for. Mr. Pressley said they had several awards they wanted to present. I knew the older grades had award ceremonies, but it just never crossed my mind that they were going to do this with the kindergartners. The first award was the Character Education Merit Award. They described what they looked for in the student who won this....honesty, a leader, good role model, and basically having good and strong character. I was so stinkin' proud when they called out my little Georgie as the winner! I didn't have the camera ready, so I don't have a picture of her when they announced her name. It was the cutest thing ever! She was so surprised!

Then Mrs. Funderburk, their P.E. teacher, came to present a few P.E. awards. She won the female sit up award and the female fastest runner award. I got tickled at Michael...he was so proud of her athletic awards! Lord knows she didn't get that from me!

Afterwards, they had a very nice reception for the kids and their parents and grandparents.

Enjoying all of her goodies!

Georgie with her PROUD family!

Georgia Anne, Kirsten and Kiley

Bradyn and Georgia Anne

Georgia and her best bud, Caleb!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grass Cutters

This spring when it came time to cut the grass the first time, our lawn mower wouldn't crank. Michael messed with it for a good day or so, with no success. Then he tried to cut the grass at the radio station a few days later. Same story there. That mower wouldn't crank either. So both mowers got sent to the small motor repair shop. Meanwhile, the grass kept getting taller and taller while we waited for them to be repaired. I guess Memaw and Paw Paw felt sorry for us because they showed up at our house this week with a brand new mower (thanks so much, Steve and Cathy). Friday afternoon, Michael finally had time to cut the grass.....with the help of Jack (our yard man in training). He cut the grass as long as Michael did, and was very proud of himself!