Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crusin' Model-A Style

My Dad has a restored Ford Model-A that my boys LOVE! Every morning after we drop Georgie off at school, Jack asks to go to Papa's house so he can ride in the Model-A, which he sometimes refers to as "the big jeep." We usually go for a ride about once a week, and I wish I knew how to get video uploaded on the blog, because it is the funniest thing seeing these two in that car. Daniel sits in the back and makes "car noises" with his mouth the entire time we ride. Jack loves to blow the horn. I love riding in this car too because it is such a refreshing feeling to see EVERYBODY smile at you or wave when you pass them! That is like the good-ole-days, I guess?? Papa is having the seats recovered at the moment, so they boys are having Model-A withdrawals! They are ready for their next ride, Papa!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Year Portraits

I have all three of the kid's one year portraits done and hanging in the hallway now! I know you are wondering, three kids.....four pictures?? The one on the top left is Michael when he was one. I had all of my children's oil paintings done to match his. It's fun to me to compare how they all looked at the same age. (Georgie is on the top right, Jack is bottom left and Daniel is bottom right)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Snaggle Tooth

After weeks, really months, of having a loose tooth, Georgie finally lost her first tooth this morning! When we went to the dentist in July they told us her bottom two permanent teeth were already coming in....and she had not lost her baby teeth yet. I was shocked. I didn't know this could happen. The good news was that they both were loose, one more than the other. She has been wiggling this one tooth since then. It literally had been hanging on by a thread for over a week. She would NOT let us pull it or even touch it, since her friend Kiley told her it would hurt (by the way, thanks Kiley). This morning as soon as she sat down at the kitchen table for breakfast, it finally gave way and fell out on its own. She was so excited. Her school pictures were yesterday. I had hoped she'd loose it before her pictures because you know how cute first grade pictures are when teeth are missing! We are ready for a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. On that subject, after checking with a few friends I was a little surprised how much the tooth fairy leaves these days!

A few days ago before it fell out

Jack was especially interested in all this tooth talk. He has told everybody he has come in contact with today, that "my teef are getting really big," whatever that means???