Friday, October 17, 2008

Bedtime Pictures

I thought I'd share a few pictures we took of the kids before bed a few nights ago. Jack was wearing footed Pj's for the first time and he liked them. He kept looking at his feet and holding them. After Georgia had fallen asleep, Michael peeped in to check on her, and found P.J. under the sheets too. I know a lot of you cringe at the sight of Georgie sleeping with a dog, but P.J. has been good for her at night. She has gotten scared of the dark and he keeps her "safe" at night. Although, I do not know how she gets any sleep with him snoring as loud as he does. Thank goodness she is a heavy sleeper!

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Hannah Attaway said...

Such cuties! I think that any way you can get kiddos to sleep soundly is a good plan. P.J. probably provides lots of good white noise with his snores. I enjoy looking at Jack in the footies as much as he enjoyed being in them.