Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas at Mamaw's

The Wednesday before Christmas, we headed to Hueytown to have Christmas with Mamaw. We had such a nice time and enjoyed spending a great day together. Mamaw and Banks

Georgie loving on the sweet angel

Can you tell how much they love this little guy already??

Jack showing Banks their new cars. I have the feeling Daniel and Jack will be showing Banks lots of things in the next few years!

Jack took the wise men from Mamaw's Nativity for a ride in his new car!

It was such a pretty day and the kids loved getting to play outside for a while. I snapped a few pics while they were in the backyard.

Callaway Gardens

The weekend before Christmas, Memaw and Paw Paw took the entire Butler clan to Callaway Gardens for the weekend. We were excited to go since it had been around 7 years since we had all been on vacation together. We had so much fun, and as usual, our Butler "three" brought some drama. I'll just leave it with two silly 6 year old girls locking one of the bedroom suites and a skillful Michael opening the door with a good bang of the door and then a credit card....makes me wonder how he knew how to do that?!?! Then a nerve wrenching experience with one three year old little boy who would not go to the bathroom before we boarded the hour long trolley ride (yes, I said HOUR) to see the lights. It included about 15 minutes of whaling crying, several shouts of "my wee wee hurts" and then a HUGE puddle of wetness on a very cold night. It would have broken your heart to see the pitiful site after the accident. Needless to say, it is always adventurous when traveling with our crew!

Daniel and Jack LOVE Nutcrackers! They were so excited to see this big guy!
(Notice where Jack's hand is....a good indicator of the drama about to unfold on the trolley ride)

Daniel, Brittan, Brooke, Georgie and Jack with Rudolph

Brooke and Georgie with a Christmas Frog

Nothing like eating in the bed!!

Paw Paw, Memaw and Beth on the trolley

Joey, Daniel and Kami

Michael and Jack

Brittan, Georgie and Brooke

The next day we went to the butterfly observatory.

It was very humid, so my camera kept fogging up.

Daniel loved looking at all the butterflies!

School Christmas Parties

Georgia Anne's Party

Georgie with sweet Mrs. Dickerson

Georgie and her friend Emily, who helped her hand out her gifts for everyone.
Georgie's party favors for her class

Georgie's Christmas gift for Mrs. Dickerson, a pen and ink drawing I made.

Mrs. Dickerson's first grade class

and SILLY FACE picture!

Daniel's Christmas Party

Bronner, Marlee, Daniel, and Warren
**Side note: Thanks to Mrs. Keisha for sharing her picture! Also, Daniel did have on a cute Christmas outfit, but had an accident so he had to wear his change of clothes. I laughed because the other three have on cute Christmas outfits, and Daniel is sporting his Wal-Mart jogging pants and shirt! HA!

Daniel's Christmas gifts for his classmates

Jack's Christmas Party

Enjoying their party food!

Mrs. Kayla's Three Year Old Class
Front: Bella, Kinsley, Auburn, Becca, Laken
Back: Conner, Kaden, Jack, Sawyer, Bryson, Hudson
Jack had party favors for his friends too....his silly Mommy just forgot to take a picture of them!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread House

We started decorating a gingerbread house when Georgie was a baby, and have done one every year since. This year was a little more interesting with six eager little hands ready to decorate with messy, sticky icing and candy! The kids had fun and that is what matters.

Daddy was in charge of the first!

Georgie took this task very seroius!

Daniel was really more interested in the box.

What a cute little gingebread house!

I'll have to post an after picture soon.....Daniel has pretty much disassembled the house, and is eating what he takes off!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Card

You may have noticed a lack of postings on the blog lately....that is mainly because my camera's shutter release was broken, resulting in it being sent to the manufacturer for repair. Translation......I have been without a camera for over a month! I was having major withdrawals, I must admit. The camera being down also put a kink in my Christmas cards, since I always take the children's pictures. Looking back, I am really kind of thankful that my camera was off (well, not really, but you get my point) because it forced me to get someone else to take the pictures for our Christmas card, and in the process we have our first real family pictures since Daniel was born. I also caved in this year and did not hand make our cards, but I love how they turned out!

Here are the pictures that were on the card:

And here are a few of the others I really liked. I honestly could have uploaded about 30....but I narrowed it down to these!

Chhorn Lim, with CGL Photography took these pictures, and to say I was pleased with them is an understatement. I told him I wanted something different as far as location and that I wanted their personalities to show through in the pictures, and he nailed it! You need to try him out sometime.....he is the best!
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