Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Heroes: Butler Style

We are ready for Halloween at the Butler house! I think this might be the one and only year I was able to convince these kiddos to coordinate. It started with Jack's new found obsession with Batman. Daniel quickly jumped on board as Robin. All it took was Georgie seeing the Wonder Woman costume and she was in. Then my sis, Tori, completed the ensemble with the Superman costume for P.J. I love it!!

Loving my little blond headed Wonder Woman!

Jack would NOT smile....he said Batman was tough and didn't smile.

The cutest little Boy Wonder I've ever seen!

I think Big 'Un makes a great Superman. I think the only way you could get this boy to save anyone was if they were wrapped in bologna!

Happy Halloween (a little early)!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

20 Year Class Reunion

Last weekend was my 20 year class reunion and I can hardly believe it has been two decades since high school! Homecoming at Tallassee is a BIG deal, and I must admit THS does it right!!

The "Cru of 92" twenty years later

Tallassee High School

The homecoming festivities started off Thursday evening with a Candlelight Ceremony and Bonfire.

Me and my sweet friend Angie have been friends since she moved to Tallassee in the fifth grade.

Friday morning the day started early with the Pep Rally at THS.
Georgie and Tally the Tiger

Shawn and Me
Some of my earliest memories of going to play at a friend's house involve Shawn. The two of us could make some mean mud pies back in the day!!

After the Pep Rally, the school hosted a tea on the grounds of the school. It was a beautiful day, relaxed atmosphere and decorated beautifully...perfect for visiting with old friends and teachers.

Nancy, Me and Melissa
(Melissa and I have been friends since 2nd grade and Nancy since 5th grade)

Me, Angie, Jenny and Amanda

It is fun because several of my classmates children are the same age as mine and are friends now. Ryleigh, Jack and Bry are buddies at school.

Next it was time for the homecoming parade.
Daniel, Georgie and Jack waiting with Daddy for the parade to begin.

Me, Angie, Amanda and Jenny on the class float before the parade.

What fun it was to see friends I have not seen in years....some since graduation!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Georgia Anne and Jack are both playing soccer this fall. This is Jack's first year to play and Georgie's fourth year. I'm glad soccer only lasts for about a month since they have games scheduled for the exact same time for nearly half of the games!

Jack is a lot more aggressive than I thought he would be. He has it in his head that he is suppose to push and shove other kids out of the way of the ball. I guess he needs to be playing football instead of soccer...Ha!

He also played goalie at one game. Poor thing let the other team score about 5 or 6 goals.
He did block one kick. Yea, Jack! Thankfully there was a coaching change next game. I think it is pretty safe to say he won't be back in that position again.

Ian, William, Jack and Daniel

Jack and Avery

Georgie's games have all been scheduled late so it is hard to get good pictures because it is dark.
Zadie tied Jack up..

Dave and Rosie

Cole, Georgie, Andy and Jack
Georgie and Andy

Friday, October 7, 2011

Virginia Kate

Yesterday was a happy day! It was a special because Miss Virginia Kate Scarborough finally made her debut and I must say she is simply perfect!! She arrived at 1:30 p.m. and weighed 7 lbs and was 18 3/4" long.

Joey and Kami waiting....

Jack and Memaw got Kami a little something from the gift shop.

Michael, Jack, Memaw and Paw Paw

Then finally she was here!

Sweet baby girl was breech and the nurses told us it was common for breech babies to raise their little legs in the air....and she did! She kept them up like this for almost an hour after she was born.

Joey and the nurse taking Virginia Kate to meet her Mommy.

The Scarborough's first family photo.

Daniel and Jack inspecting their new cousin, who they call Cake (I guess they think Kate sounds like Cake).

In true Daniel form, he could not wait to get his hands on her. He already loves her so much!