Thursday, October 29, 2009


The kids and I carved a Jack-O-Lantern tonight. Georgia has been learning about pumpkins at school the past few weeks so she was very interested in this activity. She told Jack all about the pumpkin. When we lit it, Jack cried and said he was scared! Pretty good, huh?


Happy Halloween!!

Little Scarecrow.....

Little Monkey.....

Can Can Girl....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kidergarten Field Trip

Last week the entire kindergarten class at Tallassee Elementary School headed to Union Springs to Dream Fields Farms for their first class field trip. What a blast everyone had!! There were so many fun things for the kids to do...a petting zoo, tractor races, a hayride, corn field maze, hay slides, inflatable jumpers, cow train ride, corn "sand" boxes, a pumpkin patch, churning butter....and I know I'm forgetting something! Georgia was most excited that she got to ride a school bus for the first time. Mrs. Dickerson is the best teacher. I loved seeing how she interacted with the children and made all of them feel special and loved.

"Churning" butter

Georgie with her butter...that she got to eat!
Alexa, Kiley, and Georgia

Destiny, Caleb, Georgia and Lynette

Georgia diving in the corn box

Kiley and Georgia on the cow train

Georgia at the petting zoo
Kirsten, Georgie and Kiley on a stick horse

Tractor racing

Hay Slide

Caleb and Georgia

Kiley, Georgia and Brayden

Georgia with her green pumpkin she picked at the pumpkin patch! I love that she dares to be different!!!

Tallassee Trade Day

Trade Day in Tallassee was Saturday, October 16th. Trade Day is usually pretty hot, you know typical October weather in Alabama! Well, not this was freezing!! It was a lot of fun, as usual. Georgia's dance class performed this year. The song they danced to was about dressing up and getting pretty, so they were suppose to wear their favorite dress-up outfit. I must say, Georgia is such a ham! I wish I knew how to upload the video so you could get the full effect! She really puts on a show when she knows people are watching her! I swear we don't know where she gets it!

Georgie with her sweet friend Harley, who she misses dearly!! (Harley goes to kindergarten in a neighboring school)

Tori and Daniel (wearing a hat that was Jack's that we barely got on his head)

Georgie and Jack with Brittan (Brit-Brit...who they LOVE)
Nana, Tori, Georgie and Papa

Jack on the firetruck (sporting mid-drift)

Bry and Jack

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alabama National Fair

Last Wednesday the Butler clan headed to the Alabama National Fair in Montgomery. The weather was a little questionable, but luckily the rain held off and it was actually very pleasant. Memaw, Paw Paw and Brittan went with us and we had the best time. We didn't think Daniel was quite ready for the fair so he stayed with Nana and Papa. We ended up staying for almost five hours, the longest we have ever stayed!!