Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trying to Have Christmas Fun!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful and Merry Christmas! 
I started this post over a week ago, and am just now getting it finished up and ready to post!  This past month our family of five has been the sickest (if that really is a word?) we have ever been.  It began the first week of December and we are just now starting to think we might be in the clear.  Lets' see...we've had the stomach virus (multiple times, with one visit to the hospital), strep, sinus infections, and finally a virus that mimics the flu.  We all have been sick for basically an entire month!  That being said, we missed a lot of parties, get-togethers and church activities, but we managed to squeeze a few things in here and there depending on who was ill at the time.
The Sunday before Christmas we had a painting party during Sunday School for the children.  The kids painted wreath canvases with wine corks.  They all were so different and unique! 
Bry, Daniel and Jack
Elizabeth, Margaret Ann and Georgia
Their masterpieces!
Jack, Georgie and Daniel with Macon, the children's director.  The kids LOVE Macon and we are so thankful for him and all he does for our church!  (Jack actually got sick later this day.  You can tell in the pictures he doesn't feel good.  Poor kid!)

All three of the children were supposed to sing at the Carols and Lessons Service.  Jack and Georgie were able to sing. 
Jack with the Cherub Choir
Georgie with the Grace Choir

 The Thursday before Christmas we went to Birmingham for The Jingle Bell Buffet at The Club.  It is so much fun and we look forward to it every year.  The kids get to see Santa, they have a wonderful meal, and then there's music and dancing.
Patiently waiting in line to see Santa.
Georgia Anne sat in the Big Guy's lap first.  They had a VERY long talk and she would NOT reveal what they spoke of.  She only said, "she and Santa had some business to discuss." 
Up next was Jack.  Bless his sweet heart.  When Santa asked him what he wanted, he replied "I'll take whatever you want to give me.  You can just surprise me."  Oh. My. Word!  Melted my heart!
Next was D-Man.  He got right up in Santa's lap and got down to business.  He did request for Jack to be better (from being sick).  So proud of my sweet boy for thinking of his bubba!
And finally, Banks was up.  No tears this year!!  I think Banks told Santa he wanted a firetruck and train table. 

 Next we attempted family pictures....
Just a few snapshots from dinner...
And I had to show you the view of downtown Birmingham from the balcony at The Club.  Breathtaking!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Home Tour

 Hello friends!  I am happy to finally share pictures of our home all decked out for Christmas.  I LOVE this time of the year and wish I could leave the decorations up for longer than the month of December.  Enjoy!  
 Living Room 
Here a few of my favorite new ornaments this year.
You can find a tutorial on how to make these silhouette ornaments here.
I love these canvas bird ornaments and although they look handmade, I purchased them at Kohl's.
These were a Pinterest find and so easy.  Simply cut strips of sheet music and place them inside clear craft ornaments. 
This is my favorite ornament this year. Many of you may remember I lost my sweet Granny earlier this year.  The funeral home that handled her arrangements gave my family this pretty personalized angel ornament in memory of her.  It will be sad this Christmas without her, so it was special to have this to remember her.  She always loved Christmas....I guess that is where I get it from. 

My sister, Tori gave me an early Christmas present with the beautiful nativity.  I've been wanting one for years and just never found one that I really liked.  She picked the perfect one.  (Sadly it was only minutes after I opened it that the lamb's ear broke...typical around here.)

Growing up my Mom always put candle lights in our windows so it is a must for me to have them also.  It just reminds me of Christmas as a child.  I found these great silicone dipped bulbs at JoAnn's.  Aren't they great?
 Dining Room

 Master Bedroom



 Georgia's Room 
Here are Georgia Anne's favorite two ornaments this year. 

Daniel and Jack's Room 
Let me preface the following pictures with a disclaimer.  The children swapped rooms a few months ago, which explains the green walls in the boy's room.  As soon as Christmas is over, this room will receive a fresh paint job with a neutral tan for the walls.  I just keep telling myself the green walls and red draperies are very festive for Christmas.
This ceramic elf shoe was a childhood treasure of Michael's.  His Grandma Butler made it with him when he was only two.  She signed and dated the bottom before baking it. 
Now for the boys favorite ornaments this year. 
This ornament is Daniel's favorite.  We were suposed to go to our friend Kristina's house for a playdate/painting party.  Unfortunately we fell prey to the stomach virus and had to decline the invitation.  Daniel's sweet friend, Ian painted this ornament for him.  I am so thankful for sweet friends! 

Michael got this sweet nativity that is made from wood from Bethlehem. 


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