Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alabama National Fair

We made our annual trip to the Alabama National Fair in Montgomery Wednesday night. We had the best time and the weather was perfect...not too hot and not too cold. We got lucky because it had rained earlier in the day, and I think the rain scared people off from coming. It wasn't crowded like usual. Jack went with us last year, but he was only a few months old. It was a lot of fun seeing him enjoy all the sights and sounds (and smells...) of the fair.
Jack and Georgia Anne riding on an antique tractor.

Georgia and Jack loved the cows. We had to look at every single one there and Jack would point and grunt at them. The livestock was definitely Jack's favorite thing!

Two more favorites....the pigs and the baby ducks.

Georgia, Jack and Michael posing with the sea lion (which Georgia argued with me was a dolphin).

Every year, Georgia hopes she is big enough to ride what I call the "junior roller coaster." She had to be 42" tall to ride....she was only 41". She had to settle for the "baby alligator" instead.

The swings were by far her favorite! She rode them twice. She laughed and giggled and said,"whee" the entire time she rode.

Poor little Jack just wasn't big enough to ride anything without Michael or me riding with him. This is how he spent most of the evening...clinging to Michael and taking it all in!

The one and only ride Jack got to ride....

Georgie riding the dragon ride.

Georgie and Jack with Bob the Builder and Wendy!

O.K., this had to be the funniest moment all night. Georgia wanted to ride the Nascar ride. I had watched it earlier when we walked by. When the car was going straight, it was slow and steady...then when it hit the curves, it would go really fast and jerk. She didn't know exactly what the ride would do. I told Michael about it right before it started and told him to video and watch her face the first time it made the turn. It was so took her by surprise. Every time she came around, I about wet my pants laughing. In case you are wondering, she loved it.

Riding the train....

I saved the best for last. Every year we try to watch the pig races, but there are always so many people, it is hard to see anything. This year, we got there just as it was about the start and we found a seat! Before the first race, they asked for 4 volunteers from the audience to cheer on the pigs. Georgia raised her hand, and was picked to be Pig #1's cheerleader. She had to stand on the side and wave her hand and shake her hips during the race. Well, her little pig won, so she got to go to center stage! He asked what her name was (several times). Then he asked how she was? "Doin' good." Then, are you having a good time? "Yep." What is your favorite thing? "Having so much fun because I love my mommy and my daddy." That sweet little thing! She won a pig poster and was so proud! She took it to school Thursday to show everyone. One thing is for sure...she likes being the center of attention, and isn't scared of a crowd one bit!

As we were leaving, Georgia said, "I wish I lived here."

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Kami Butler and Joey Scarborough said...

I love the "I wish I lived here." part. Georgie the carnie. lol.