Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Soccer Pictures

Georgia's soccer team finished up their practices yesterday. Their first game is Thursday, against the purple team. From her on out, they will just have the games, and no practices. It is the funniest thing watching these little 4 and 5 year olds playing! They have two rules (which they have to repeat over and over): Rule 1: No Hands! Rule 2: Have Fun! We had three girls on the team, but we had one drop out. So, Georgia is one of two girls and 9 boys. I thought she would have been a little more aggressive than she is, but that's OK. They are having so much fun!

I do have one funny story. Michael has been helping Eric coach. One little boy told Eric, "Hey, you don't have any hair." Then he looked at Michael and said, "I like your hair." Ironically, the little boy that said it is the little boy that has a head full of curly hair! Too funny!!
Jack loves watching the kids play. I have to confine him to his stroller because he would try and get out there with them. He claps when they do good...he's their little cheerleader!

Georgia's friend, Caleb, is on the purple team. It was Georgia's idea for them to make a "silly face" in the picture. When Caleb saw Georgia last night, he said, "Georgia" and threw his soccer ball way up in the air....then it came down and smacked him right in his face. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt, but it was pretty funny!

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