Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tallassee Trade Day

Tallassee Trade Day was this weekend. It's an annual fair located on King Street in Tallassee. This year Georgia's dancing class performed. I must say I was proud of my little Georgie. She did so good. Several of the girls cried the entire time and others got a little scared and froze, but not my Georgie. She did the entire dance and sang too! The pictures are not the best....there were so many people there, I had a hard time finding a place to stand. Georgia is in the black leotard on the front row in the center. I had to post the group shot. Notice the three little ones in the back crying. I wanted to run out there and scoop them up (guess you call it mother's instinct).

Cannon and Georgia Anne

Georgia Anne and Harley

Jack enjoyed his first sucker! He has had a few licks off of Georgia's suckers in the past, but has never had one all his own. He was so proud...he kept holding it out and showing it to anyone who would look. He also had his first taste of cotton candy!

Georgie enjoyed an entire bag of pink cotton candy.....compliments of Nana!

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