Sunday, September 28, 2008

Homecoming In Tallassee

For those of you who are not from Tallassee, homecoming here is a BIG deal. This year THS welcomed back the Class of '89! I can remember in high school thinking the returning class was old as dirt. Now, as I approach my reunion in just a few years...they don't look so old! This is the first year it really hit me that my twenty year reunion is creeping up. I was in band and journalism with a lot of the people in the class of ' I guess that is why it has got me thinking. Michael's 20 year is next year...hard to believe that it has been twenty years, and that made me think...Michael and I have been together for almost 20 years! Where does the time go? These pictures are from the homecoming parade. Georgia wore her cheerleader outfit and every time someone passed by in the parade, she would yell, "GO TIGERS!" She danced when she heard the band coming, but when they made it to us, she put her hands over her ears. Jack just took it all in. They got lots of candy and beads!

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