Thursday, September 25, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!!

What a surprise we got today at my regular OB check-up! We found out our baby is another little boy! Yeah! I must tell you it was a stressful check-up though. After several attempts by two nurses, we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat. After Dr. Desautels tried for several minutes without luck, he sent me down to have an ultra-sound. At this point panic had set in and I was very worried. (I actually had a dream a few nights ago that this would happen, weird huh?) Sweet Amy Thrash from Tallassee was waiting for me when I got off the elevator. As soon as the baby appeared, she showed me the heartbeat. What a relief and an answered prayer! After a few minutes of her checking everything out, I asked her if she could tell whether it was a boy or girl. She moved around and little, and then there it was...another little boy! Just as suspected by Dr. Desautles, the baby was right under my C-section scar, and the scar tissue had made it hard to detect the heartbeat with the Dopler.
I will keep you updated on the name according to Georgia. She had now changed the baby's name to Hummus. Lando or Hummus??? Huh, which will it be? I'll keep you posted!


Kami Butler and Joey Scarborough said...

Haha. Hummus? Like Hummus dip? I like that one. lol.

Amanda said...

I had that problem too when I was pregnant with Thomas and they had to do an ultrasound to find the heartbeat. It was scary!! But I'm glad everything was O.K. with you!! So Yea another boy-oh the fun you will have!!