Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cotton Pickers

I love this time of the year, and I have always enjoyed all the cotton fields here in Alabama. We are so lucky to be able and enjoy thousands of acres of white, fluffy cotton along Highway 229 in Tallassee. Every year, I've said I was going to stop and take pictures, and every year I always wait too long and it has been picked. So this year, I was determined to take the kids to a cotton field. They had so much fun and Georgia asked so many questions. They picked a few stalks of cotton (thanks, Taylors, hope you don't mind). They have kept the cotton in the car and every time we go anywhere, they both want to have some cotton to play with. I do have to watch Jack though...he tries to eat it!!

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Kami Butler and Joey Scarborough said...

I love these pictures! Joey planted some cotton around our mailbox and it is beautiful! Thank God for cotton farmers. :)