Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roll Tide Roll!!

Michael and the kids were pumped up after the big Bama win Saturday, so we headed outside so they could throw the ball around. Georgie told Michael he wasn't as fast as her, so they raced several times. I must say Georgie didn't get her athletic ability from me...poor Jack might have taken after me. We went next door to Mamaw's (Michael's Grandmother Stalnaker) since she has a fenced in yard. She always enjoys seeing the children and they adore her. I did get a little sad yesterday watching them play there because Granddaddy Stalnaker (Jack's namesake) isn't here to see them and to see Jack. He had five girls, seven granddaughters, three grandsons, and seven great-granddaughters. He so much wanted a great-grandson and would have been so thrilled to see Jack. Even though he only had girls, he was a Boy Scout leader and Baseball coach for many years in Tallassee. Anyway, it was fun to see Georgia and Jack enjoying a beautiful football Saturday! By the way....
Roll Tide Roll!!

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Leah said...

They look really cute!!! I think orange and blue outfits are prettier but that's OK their still pretty cute.