Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Summertime!

It seems as if summer is just flying by!  We have been so busy but we sure are having a lot of fun.  

We enjoyed sparklers on the Fourth of July.
The boys having fun doing boy things.
Summer isn't complete without a little sprinkler action.
We jokingly placed P.J. in the sprinkler thinking he would run like he usually does when water is involved.  Nope.  He just stayed right there, just like this for a long time!  We got lots of smiles from people driving by.

Daniel loves P.J.
Georgie loves him too....really.
We also had a great time at VBS!  The main theme was "Trust God" and it makes me so happy to hear my little ones use that phrase in everyday life. All three of them have said it at different times when they were in various situations.  Makes me smile!!
Georgie in a big bubble...
Daniel and Jack's group during crafts (which I was in charge of....30 preschoolers with glue and paint was interesting to say the least!)
Alison, Elizabeth and Georgie
Dave leading a prayer with Georgie's group.
Daniel and Ian singing Fly, the theme song from VBS.

Of course one of the best things about summer is getting to spend it with family.
Daniel and Jack with Papa
Celebrating my birthday
It's so fun spending time with sweet cousins (Virginia Kate above and Banks below)

Papa and Paw Paw riding bikes with the kids.

The boys in their Alabama hats
Georgie and Memaw
Daniel loves his new seat on the back of my bicycle.
The kids have also had lots of fun play dates.
Jack and Camden
Georgie and Mrs. Dickerson
Davis, Georgie and Daniel (I promise he has shorts on...it just doesn't look like it)
Georgie and Bradyn
Georgie and Kiley
Georgie and Andy
Daniel, Zadie and Jack being silly

Ian and Daniel playing "sharks"
Daniel, Jack and Ian
Georgia Anne and Jack begged Michael for their own radio program.  Michael decided to let them come in for the last fifteen minutes of his morning radio program on Fridays.  Georgie came up with the name "Georgia Anne's Cuts & Jack's Nuts."  Not real sure how she came up with that, but we felt it was best to rename it "Georgia Anne's Cuts & Jack's Stunts."  


Anonymous said...

Great post. I love every picture!

Booga Jolly said...

Been listenin' to those chillen on Fridays. They much better than them boys that down there usually. You got some good uns. Rear em and raise em right, and they'll be alright.

Darryl and Kristina said...

I had to laugh about Georgia Anne's name that she came up with for the radio show...! :-)

sweet photos