Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jack's Birthday Party

This sweet baby is not so much a baby anymore....boo hoo!  Jack turned 5 on July 17th and we celebrated with a Batman party at Pump It Up in Montgomery.  After attending MANY parties at Pump It Up, Jack was thrilled to have his very own party there.  He had a great time and enjoyed playing with his sweet little friends. 

Jack with his friends from school: Camden, Bry and Avery
My best attempt at a group picture. 

Jack and Laken

Avery and Jack
Avery, Daniel, Brooke, Georgia Anne and Jack
This was Banks first Pump It Up party and he had a blast!  He would come up to Michael and hold his arms up to him....meaning take me down that slide again!  So he would.... 
Banks looks scared, but believe me...that boy was anything but scared!

Memaw with sweet Mary Porter
Zadie and Daniel holding hands down the slide.
Nana, Tori, Banks and Papa
Jack, William, Bry and Bruin
The Birthday Boy
Cake Time!

Banks sure did enjoy the party food!
Brooke and Georgia Anne
Opening presents is always fun!


Chankee Chonk said...

They charge so much. Be like me. Throw a pillow party. May be lots of feathers to clean up later, but you'll save some big dough.

Ruthanne said...

I loved it!