Friday, July 20, 2012

Swim Lessons

Last summer Jack just barely missed the deadline to sign up for swim lessons due to having a summer birthday.  This summer he was very excited because he was finally old enough to take swim lessons at the city pool.  He did a great job and is a little more comfortable in the water.

Jack and his teacher, Mr. Joel 
 On the last day of lessons, they got to have a "fun day" filled with playing and popsicles. 

 I was so proud of Jack because the jumped off the diving board!! 

Jack really looked up to Joel and tried to do everything he did.  Joel was sitting on the side of the pool and Jack went and sat beside him.  So cute!

 Daniel talked a big game!  For two weeks while he played in the baby pool he kept saying he would not be scared to jump off the diving board.  He wasn't a baby.  Well, they gave him a chance to give it a try on the last day.
He was very confident as he climbed up and walked out....

until he got out over the water.  One look down and he chickened out!

Miss Hannah tried to get him to jump from the side....nope not doing that either!

Georgia Anne also took lessons.  She completed Level 3 and loved her teacher, Miss Hannah.

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Mary Madison said...

When I wuz a yungin. Daddy threw me in the river and yelled, "SWIM!!!" You either swim or sink. To Hades with payin' for swim lessuns. Drop 'em in sum deep water. They'll learn.