Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach Vacation

Last week we headed to Fort Morgan for a little beach fun and relaxation (we did have fun, but with three little ones there wasn't much relaxing).  The children love the beach and had a wonderful time playing in the sand and surf.

"Creamy" as we like to call Daniel
Jack and Georgie
Heading to the water the first day.

Me with two sweet beach babies!

Georgia Anne LOVED the water!
What beach trip is complete without a little sand castle construction?

No explanation needed on this one!  

Me and DD

It was so much fun seeing the kids play in the water.  Daniel was very cautious, Jack was semi-cautious, and Georgie not so cautious at all.

Georgia Anne and Jack had the best time playing in the water together.  It was so nice to see them laugh and play instead of fussing! 

I even caught them holding hands in the water several times!
Michael is always ready for a game of catch.

The first few days at the beach the seaweed was really bad!  
But it didn't stop Georgia Anne from coming up with a clever way to use the seaweed!!

Daniel kept making "snow angels" as he called them. 

Then Jack joined in the fun...

One day this HUGE wooden stump (I guess that is what is was) washed ashore.  It was exactly where we had been playing all week.  The boys had a great time shoveling sand on top and letting the waves wash it away.  This kept them busy for hours! 

We also went to the Gulf Shores State Fishing Pier, which is 1,540 feet long.  We didn't do any fishing, just a lot of watching.

This bird was pretty smart.  He perched atop one of the light posts on the pier.  He would come down and get bait from the fishermen.

We also went to The Hangout at Gulf Shores for a Pirates and Princesses Breakfast.

We also enjoyed a morning at The Track Recreation Center.
Jack and I had a great time on the Wild Woody go-kart track.  It was a three story spiral wooden track.  We laughed the entire time!!

Michael and Georgie rode the Super Track.  

Georgia and Jack both were able to drive the Kiddie Karts.  They both were really good drivers! I thought the sign in Georgia's picture was funny....Dangerous Drivers!

Daniel rode the train several times since he wasn't big enough to ride the go-karts.

Everyone enjoyed the bumper boats....


Bob Barthrath said...

Looks like you and yo family had a big ol' beach ball down there. Consider yourself fortunate that you can take vacations. Many of the less fortunate can not afford it. Get some SPF 80 for the one you call creamy.

Lori Mercer said...

These are fabulous Leigh Anne! :) What lens did you use for these?

Darryl and Kristina said...

You take such lovely photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time; I'm looking forward to our own beach vacation (someday :-). I especially like the seaweed photos (perfect!!) and the one of you in the go-kart! :-) I'm not sure I'm so brave anymore....

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

hahaha! love it! And, love the nickname creamy!

Dave Barkalow said...

Leigh Anne, I don't know how you decide which pictures to frame! They're all so good! Looks like the kids had a ball :)

Dave Barkalow said...

oops that was me^ Laura

Things That Inspire said...

Just popping by to say hello, saw some people coming over to my blog from yours - thanks for the link!

What a beautiful family, and what treasured times at the beach.

I love your blog banner - I need to update mine. How did you make it?

Happy 4th!

Bunch of Bishops said...

Beautiful white sand beach! Lovely photographs. Looks like an awesome family vacation!!!