Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

Wednesday the kids and I headed to Montgomery to the zoo.  It was a great trip because pretty much all of the animals were awake and active, which usually isn't the case.  We went as soon as they opened to try and avoid the horrible heat we've been experiencing lately.  Maybe the animals were active since it was morning??  Not really sure, but the kids really enjoyed it!

The jaguars were especially frisky!  We watched them for at least 20 minutes.  They were wrestling, jumping from the branches into the water, and throwing a ball around.  It really was interesting to see.
 There was also a new wind tunnel thingy (don't you love my description....I don't know what else to call it).  It was meant to show how high the winds can get in the African terrain (I guess??). Not really sure, but it was worth the $2 I spent to see the kids!  I got a good laugh that's for sure!
At the beginning....they were all smiles.
Then came the really high wind, and Daniel lost it!  Georgie and  Jack loved it.  Can't say the same for Daniel....

The zoo also has added a new canary conservatory.  Funny story (wish I had a picture) that happened.  Before you enter there are a list of rules, mainly stressing to remain calm and quiet.  You can feed the canaries with a stick that has bird food on the end.  You basically just hold it out and they will come sit and eat.  I got the stick, then the bird.  When I asked Georgie did she want to hold it, she quickly replied, "NO!"  So then to Jack, who also turned down the offer.  Here comes Daniel...all smiles, "Me want to hold the bird."  So I pass the stick to him.  When I do, the canary flaps his wings a little and the D-Man went nuts.  You've never heard such a scream.  About that time, canaries are flying EVERYWHERE!  It was pretty funny I must admit!

This was the first time I've seen the alligator awake and moving.

The train is always a huge hit!
We also fed the giraffes.  Georgie and Jack both fed her, but Daniel was a little skittish after the bird incident, so he just watched.

What a little nut he is!  

Georgie siting in front of the many huge fans around the zoo.  Gotta love 8 year old teeth!

The bear also kept walking in front of the glass looking at the kids.


Robbie Weedon Blountschmidt said...

Yore famlee is sum funny folks.

Judy said...

Hi Leigh Anne,

I've been meaning to ask you where you got your monogrammed "tea towel" you featured on your bathroom reveal (the one with the ruffle). I'd love to have one of those in my bathroom as it is very much like your bathroom (colors, style, etc).

You can e-mail me at

Judy (gracioussouthernliving.blogspot.

The Dickersons said...

Great way to spend the summer...You are so creative and FUN!!! :)