Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dance Recital

Saturday Georgia Anne participated in The Pointed Toe's presentation of "Dance for Your Dinner".  It was a wonderful show and I know I am just a teeny bit biased, but I must say Georgie did a wonderful job.  She is such a little ham and loves the attention!  (Not really sure where this comes from, because the thought of dancing in front of a packed full auditorium of people would be enough to send me clear over the edge!)

For their baton and gymnastics routine Georgia's class performed 
I Want Candy.  I have to admit I LOVE these outfits!  They were so cute and looked so good on stage.

She was so proud when she nailed her round-off!
 For ballet they performed Little Bumble Bee.  I think these are the sweetest little group of bees ever!

Then finally for tap the bees made a reappearance in Honey Comb.

Here is a photo of Georgie's advertisement in the program.

And I thought I'd share a few of the pictures I took to get the shots we used for the program.


Darryl and Kristina said...

great photos, Leigh Anne! I love Georgia Anne's smile. :-)

His Jules said...

She is just so cute!! Great pics too!

The Dickersons said...

Georgia Anne is so beautiful...and still a "Ray of Sunshine"...She is growing up so fast!