Monday, June 4, 2012

Camp Butler: Week 1 - Animals

For the first week of Camp Butler we focused on animals.  It was an easy topic to find activities, books, and crafts for the kids.  

All three kids worked hard in their workbooks all week long.  They really like to do the worksheets and even asked one day if they could do more than the two that were scheduled for the day.

In keeping with our animal theme, we took a trip to the zoo.  You can see what all we did here.

I've also tried to incorporate a few cute snacks each week that go along with our theme.  The day after our trip to the zoo, we colored a zoo coloring page and had a monkey snack.

Thursday we read The Very Hungary Caterpillar by Eric Carle (actually Georgia Anne read it to the boys.  I thought it would be good reading practice for her to read some of the preschool books to them). 

We made caterpillar hand print paintings.  They turned out so cute and the kids always love doing hand print art! 

We also had a caterpillar snack that day.

Friday we read one of our all time favorites, Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw.  We made little sheep from cotton balls and construction paper.

I strung up twine on one wall in the dining room so we can display their artwork each week.  We are planning on going to the local nursing home to visit and take their artwork for some of the patients.  

Michael and I (along with my parents) are leaving tomorrow for a trip to New York.  So we are going to have an abbreviated version of Camp Butler this week.  My very sweet (and brave) mother-in-law, Cathy has volunteered to keep the kiddos for us while we are away.  I thought we would do a "New York" themed week so they would at least learn a little about where we were going.  Stay tuned....


Judy said...

I told my daughter about these books so she could get them for the twins this summer.

I'm so jealous of your New York trip! My sister and I want to go there on a train...without husbands! Maybe one day....

Did you get my message about your monogrammed hand towel in your bathroom reveal? I was wondering where you got it as one would be perfect in my bathroom.

Thanks Leigh Ann and have a wonderful trip!

Waldo Hippo said...

My cuzin Bumpy McGrider can make some rhinos outta moonpies. You want his number?

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

Wow! Impressive!
Have fun on your trip!!

Ashley Newman said...

I nominate you for MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!! You rock... Can't wait to hear abt the trip to NYC (one of my fav places). Take lots of pics.:)

Ashley Jones said...

I'm Tori's friend that you met at her shower. I am thrilled Camp Butler is back in session. Keep the details coming!!! Barrett just turned two, but I am going to try to follow your curriculum and adjust to his age. Thank you! I wish Camp Butler met year round... I would have to enroll him!