Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camp Butler

Last summer I started "Camp Butler" (a Mommy Camp if you will) for my children.  We have geared up again this summer and the kids are actually excited about all of the things we have planned.

I am not real good at schedules, but with three little ones home with me all day, everyday we needed a little structure.  We have certain activities planned for specific days of the week (Library on Wednesday and Friday, Pool on Tuesday, etc.)  Each day we are trying to do things around the same time, like scheduled meal-time and snacks, crafts in the morning, quiet time after lunch, etc.  I know this is just the first week, but so far so good.  I actually think they like knowing what to expect each day. 

I purchased The Summer Bridge Activity Workbooks for the children and so far I really like them.  They contain 12 weeks of activities (2 worksheets per day) and are designed to review what they learned in the grade they just completed and preview the the skills they will learn in the upcoming grade.  

I also made a behavior chart for each child which will hopefully help encourage good behavior (and let's face it, most days we need all the encouragement we can get). 

Week One of Camp Butler has been great!  Be on the look out for a post soon!! 

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Ruthanne said...

I love it...the charts are great.