Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tea Party for Georgie's 8th Birthday

We celebrated Georgia Anne's 8th birthday last weekend. You might remember my post last month about going to a tea room for Memaw's birthday. Georgie fell in love with the whole tea room experience. She decided she wanted to have her party there but the drive to Prattville and back is 1 1/2 hours (a little too far for these kiddos). After searching in Montgomery and Auburn for a tea room with no luck, we convinced Georgia Anne that we could have it at our house and it could be just as nice and special.

She had very specific directions for me to adhere to: fabric tablecloth and napkins, real teacups and saucers, pink and green color scheme, a tiered serving piece for the cookies and sandwiches. She also planned the entire menu: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, heart shaped sugar cookies, powdered don
uts, chocolate covered pretzels, ham and cheese roll-ups, cheesecake brownies, cupcakes, hot chai tea and pink lemonade (for those who might not like the tea).

She had the best time with her friends and they are at such a fun age. They were all so well behaved and polite. American Girl Dolls are a big deal to these girls, so their dolls were invited to the tea party also. They all loved the t
able, hot tea and food!

Georgie and I found a cute tutorial for these darling tea pot invitations. Here is what they look like when you take them from the envelopes.

Then you pull the lid and the invitation is on the inside.

Each of the take out boxes were filled with Popcorn Confetti (which I found here).

I also made a "photo booth." They had the best time taking pictures!!



Funny thing about Caleb. He is Georgie oldest friend. They have been together since they were about 20 months old. Georgie was going to invite him or else. I called his mom and explained the party (all girls, pink, dolls, etc) and told her if he didn't want to come we would have him over to play and they could have cupcakes and ice cream. Oh no, he was coming and didn't mind he was the only boy! He is the sweetest thing ever and he hung right in there with the girls. He had what he called an "American Jaguar."



Kami with her American Girl Doll, Virginia Kate



Design Dazzle


Sailing with bare feet said...

That turned out really pretty!
I love it !!


lovetheday said...

Hi There!

My name is Lindi Haws of Love The Day, a party and entertainment site. I just LOVE this party and would love to share with my readers! Is that is something you would be interested in?

Michelle B. said...

The sweetness and warmth of the table setting transcend. It is bless to break bread together even as children.

Unknown said...

I love these darling ideas and would love to get that celo wrap you used on the Chinese take out boxes. May I ask where to find them? I live in the middle of nowhere and can order online but am having difficulty locating such beautiful wrap. Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

lovely tea party! Do you mind sharing your teapot invitation template?