Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Dining Room Table

This past summer my Dad told me he wanted to make me a piece of furniture and asked me to think about what I wanted. I immediately knew I wanted a table, but was hesitant to tell him because I knew what I wanted would be a lot to ask. Not only would it be a BIG project, but the materials, time involved, etc. were a lot to ask for. One day he asked Michael if we had decided what we wanted him to build for us and so he told him about the table. He said no problem and told us to get him drawings or a picture of what we wanted. We were both SO excited!!! I have had this table in my head for years now. One day, when we build a house, I do not want a formal dining room. I want a huge table between the kitchen and family room that is a casual, dark wood, farmhouse style table with trestle base (so you don't have to worry about someone having to straddle a table leg) that would sit 10 to 12. Needless to say, Daddy outdid himself!! The man can do just about anything, and when it come to woodworking he is so talented. He has worked on this table for months now. This was the best Christmas present and I am so thankful to him for such a wonderful gift. I look forward to all the meals, games, homework, crafts, etc. that will take place on this table. It warms my heart to think that one day I can pass this table on to one of my children, and then their children.

Here are a few pictures of Daddy working on the table along the way. I wish I would have thought to take more while he was working on it. Mom actually took these and shared them with me.
The table actually started from about 15 - 2" thick, 9" wide, 10' long oak boards!

Daddy carved this on the bottom side of the table top.

This thing weighs so much....we think it weighs somewhere around 500 or 600 lbs. We have decided that if we are ever in fear of a tornado coming towards our house we will hide under the table....because it isn't going ANYWHERE and I seriously don't think it would break if something fell on it. It really is that solid!

Once the table was done, we brought it over to our house. The top is one piece, and the the base is actually several pieces that were fitted together and assembled at our house.

The hardest part was actually flipping it over and standing it up once it was put together. Thankfully Joey was nice enough to come help us!
Mom and Dad with the finished product.
And here she is all decked out! I love it!! The chairs are actually the ones we already had. I want 10 new chairs like these, but those will have to wait until the boys are a little older and our pocketbook is a little fuller. For now these aren't bad. I do want to slipcover the seats with cotton duck that I can launder and bleach.

Michael got me this great dough bowl for Christmas. I have been wanting one FOREVER and it was a wonderful surprise.

I am also in LOVE with this china! My sister-in-law, Kami got this pattern when she got married a few years back. I have whined about how I hate my everyday china and wished I had something like hers, so she surprised me a few months back with four dinner plates and salad plates. Then I got four more of each from Memaw for Christmas. I can't wait to start adding pieces! It is Butler's Pantry by Lenox, if you were curious.


Laura said...

Too funny that you would choose a China pattern called 'Butler's pantry'! And I can't believe I didn't even notice that table the last time I was at your house. That just proves how sleep deprived I am because it is AMAZING! Perhaps I was too busy admiring all of your other beautiful creations :)

His Jules said...

Wow, how special!! Your dad is so talented and I LOVE the table! You think he might want to adopt me for next Christmas? LOL. I love your dough bowl also, I have had my eyes on one for a few months. Beautiful pictures, your mom did a great job!

andreabrosto said... That table is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love that he wrote that on the bottom. How special! Andrea

Candace said...

LOVE the farm table, Delmar!!!!

Cheryl said...

Your daddy outdid himself on that table it is so beuatifully done. I love that he took the time to put the inscription on it too. What a great family heirloom it will be.
Your tablescape is also lovely.

JSi @ Very Pinteresting said...

What a sweet father you have. I love that he did an inscription, as well. Your beautiful table is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. The table is made even more lovely with your place settings and decor. I love the entire set up!