Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Some Random Stuff

We have been enjoying the warmer than usual weather lately! We've been to the playground a few times in the past few weeks.

Daniel and Jack love swinging!
Little bit can go across the monkey bars faster than you would believe!!

Jack and his sweet friend Camden acting silly!
This is my best attempt of a close up of Jack. He is so hard to photograph!! He won't look at the camera and when he does, he is usually making some kind of face. I do love this picture because it is so him!!

I got to babysit sweet Virginia Kate this past week. I used the opportunity to snap a few pictures of her. Isn't she the sweetest thing ever? Love this girl!!!

Georgie got Just Dance 3 for Christmas. We have had so much fun playing this!! She is SO competitive though. She gets so mad if I ever get more stars than her...hee!!
Watching Michael is pretty entertaining!!

DD loves to play too! It is so cute seeing him dance (and in typical Daniel form he isn't wearing clothes).

Michael and Daniel were sitting on the floor one evening playing and talking. I had to take a picture because all of Daniel's favorite things were with him....his Daddy, his babies, and his blankie. Oh, I hope I will never forget these sweet days when he is grown!!

And in closing I thought I'd share my view most days when I am working on the computer. P.J. loves to sit under the dining room chairs and stare at me when I am on the computer. He looks kind of like a walrus doesn't he?

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