Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Romp in a Field

So here is the kind of thing I do. We are driving, killing time while Georgia is in her 45 minute gymnastics class. Daniel has fallen asleep, so I drive around so he can get a nap. We are riding down a country road, actually a dirt road, in Tallassee. Jack spots a tractor in an open air barn across a field. He wants to go see the tractor. He begs, he pleads, so we go. Michael gets so mad when I do this kind of thing. We walk over to see the tractor, and of course I use it as an opportunity to take some photographs of Jack. Later on down the dirt road we saw horses. So, of course we got out to see them as well. A little colt was in the field and came right up to us at the fence. He was very curious of us. I didn't take pictures with the horses. I am a little leery of horses, so I didn't want to be distracted with a camera. (These are pre-haircut photographs. He needed one REALLY bad, and got one a few days after these pics were taken.)

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