Monday, January 25, 2010

Georgie's Birthday Party

You know your little girl is growing up when she wants to invite just a few close friends to do something rather than have the big birthday party. This year instead of having the usual big party, Georgie wanted to take a few friends to the movie (movie-ator as she calls it) and to dinner at the hibachi grille. We took four of her friends to see The Princess and the Frog, and then for dinner afterwards at Kabuki in Montgomery. The kids were soooo good and well behaved and I think they all really had a good time. It was fun to take them to Kabuki....the fire and knives are always fun, huh?
On a side note, I wasn't too impressed with the movie. I was so excited that Disney had gone back to hand drawn animation. The movie is set in New Orleans and has a voodoo theme that runs throughout the movie. At times, the "bad guy" character talks to the dead and what seems to be the devil. I would advise caution if you are planning on seeing this movie with children. It's a shame, because the rest of the movie emphasizes a lot of positive messages, like hard-work, friendship, loyalty and marriage. I felt really bad that I took the kids to this movie without researching the story-line. There were some scaring scenes. Anyway, thought I'd give you my take on the movie!

Brady, Taylor, Caleb, Georgia Anne and Kiley

They turned off the lights and turned on the disco ball and sang "Happy Birthday" to Georgia and brought her ice cream. She wasn't expecting it, so it was cute to see her when they did it.

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