Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

What a wonderful Christmas!! The Butlers have MUCH to be thankful for and it was so much fun seeing our two little ones enjoy Christmas morning. I wasn't sure exactly how much of it Jack would understand, but I am here to tell you, HE GOT IT!! Georgia's first remark was, "Oh my goodness....Jack you got your very own robot (which she asked Santa to bring Jack)." Jack immediately went to his train table. I love these pictures...bed heads and matching PJ's!!
Georgie has to sit down to take it all in.

Jack didn't waste any time getting started playing with his train table. The first think he did was go to it and say, "oohh...oohh....Dor-Da (Georgia)."

I think the Thomas Train table was their favorite!

All smiles....

Georgie giving Minnie a big hug!

The plastic play food was a big hit...go figure! Georgia requested this because she had lost all of her old play food for her kitchen. Jack especially liked it!!

Daddy reading Jack one of his new books.

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