Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards

I cut it close this year getting our Christmas cards out before Christmas. For the past few years I have been making our Christmas cards, and although I love doing it, it takes a really long time to do them all. I thought I'd share our card and the picture. I had to do two different cards, same photo, but different paper and ribbon, because I couldn't find enough of one paper to do all the cards the same. I picked the card I liked the best to photograph. Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about Christmas! It's so much fun getting cards from friends and family, especially the ones you don't see often!


Hannah A. said...

Those are gorgeous, Leigh Anne! You are so stinkin' talented.

Leah said...

I loved your Christmas card!!! It is one of my favorites. How did you ever get a cute pic of both of them together? They both look so sweet and cute.