Friday, April 20, 2012

Patio Spruce Up

Last week what started as pulling weeds and trimming hedges, turned into a patio overhaul.  I wish I had some before pictures to share with you, but at the time I didn't think about it.  I did manage to find some really old pictures to give you an idea of how it originally started.   
Shortly after we purchased our house in 1999,we added the boxwoods around the perimeter of the patio .

In 2003 we added a white picket fence.  (Aren't those silly pugs funny sunbathing??)

I pulled out the boxwood hedge on this side of the patio to give us a little more room and to finally make use of the space between the patio and fence.  It made the patio feel so much bigger and gave the kids a little more room to play. 

I chose pretty pink mandevillas for the hanging baskets on the fence.
My view from the kitchen window.
In one planter, I used a boxwood and variegated ivy.  In the other two containers I used a wrought iron trellis with a red mandevilla and a left over fern from last year.

Love the foxgloves!  I've never tried growing these so we will see how it goes??
We got all of the rocks from our local river, the Tallapoosa.  One of the perks of owning riverfront land....pretty free rocks!  I must admit that hauling them home isn't much fun though!

PJ lounging in his favorite spot!

We bought a whiskey barrel from Home Dept and added a Kimberly Queen fern with marigolds around the base.  
We planted a pair of arborvitae evergreens on either side of the whiskey barrel with day lilies in front.
And finally, we planted a peach tree in the corner.  I must admit this is my favorite thing in the patio.  About a week ago, the children received some money from some very sweet family friends in memory of Granny.  In the note they asked that they use it for something to remember Granny.  Michael and I were going to put it in their saving accounts but Georgie had a wonderful idea of her own.  She wanted to use the money to plant a tree in memory of Granny.  She said it would remind us of her everyday.  What an angel she is and what a wonderful idea!  So the three kiddos picked this tree and they wanted a fruit tree.  So there is our little peach tree named "Sara" in memory of Granny!  We are going to get a little plaque made and put it at the base of the tree to remember sweet Granny.  


The Bishop Family said...

Congratulations! I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award :) You do an amazing job with your blog and you deserve some recognition! Click on over to my blog to see how your blog has been showcased and awarded :)


Ashley Newman said...

Wow! - this is awesome... I love your blogs ~ you rock :)

His Jules said...

Wow LeighAnn, I love the new look of your blog!!!

I also love the patio remodel. I must ask how your foxgloves are doing, I planted my first of these this year and sadly I don't think they are going to make it! :(

Loved your Easter pics and I am so glad that you have been blogging so regularly!!

Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Darryl and Kristina said...

Oh, I love the patio!!! :-) What a nice view from your kitchen! I also really like the new look for your blog (though you can see by the fact that this is my first comment since the change that I haven't been here in a bit).

(mother hen alert: you probably know but in case you don't, I feel compelled to say it: foxgloves are very poisonous if ingested, so please be sure your kids know that too... Ian has this habit of putting my plants in his mouth and so I feel like I wouldn't be doing my "duty" or something if I didn't warn people about poisonous plants!)

alex amarxon said...

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