Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter filled with the love of family and worshiping our risen Savior! I wanted to share a few family Easter pictures with you.

Michael selected what the children wore this Easter. I wasn't too thrilled about the boys wearing suits, but I will be the first to admit they were awfully cute in their little linen Easter suits. Michael even got a new matching suit as well!

Me, Georgie and Nana

Jack, Papa, Banks and Daniel

Tori, Banks and Bryan

Last week on Palm Sunday, the children participated in Sunday morning service at church by waving palm branches. We had a church picnic and Easter Egg Hunt after church. We had so much fun!

Bradyn, Elizabeth and Georgie

Bradyn, Elizabeth, Georgie, Jack, Daniel and Bry

Georgie and sweet Emily


Johnny Appleseed said...

Why you not want those boys to wear suits? They were extremely fine looking chaps. They're the spitting image of their handsome father.

Laura said...

I was bummed the first year Andy wore 'big boy' clothes for Easter, too! But they did look adorable!

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

I love the suits! And, Georgie looked gorgeous as usual. I love the yard sign, too!!! Johnny Appleseed should have gotten some cumberbuns. lol

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