Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Fun: A Trip to the Zoo

We have tried to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL spring weather this week while the children are out of school. Michael took some time off Monday and we all headed to the Montgomery Zoo. It was very crowded, but we all had a great time.

Georgie and Jack were very interested in the python snake in the water bowl. They looked at this for quite a while.

They were very amused by one silly monkey that was cutting up.

Georgie is so related to Michael! She looked at this map the entire time at the zoo. Every time we saw an animal she had to find it on the map. Funny girl.

The elephants had a new calf.

Daniel and the rhino were having a stare down!

As always, the train ride was a big hit! We got to sit in the first car next to the engine.

The zoo also has a very nice new playground that the kids enjoyed.

This was so funny! Georgie doing the log roll....she was really good at it!

Daniel and Jack liked coming down the slide together.

Georgie and Daniel love to swing....Jack not so much. He does, but gets scared.

Be on the lookout for more Spring Break Fun pictures. We are headed to the Monster Truck Show on Saturday. I never thought I would be excited about going to a monster truck rally, but I am! It's a first for everyone in the Butler family.

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Sarah Broadus said...

The Montgomery Zoo is one of my favorites! LOVE their elephant exhibit!