Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Fun: A Trip To Toe Toe's

Last Friday the kids and I headed to B'ham to spend the day with Toe Toe and Banks. We had so much fun and enjoyed spending some time with sweet Bankers!! We went to Botanical Gardens in an attempt to get some pictures of all four of them together. Needless to say it was comical. I wish I had a video of all the action that went on.

Here's a brief rundown: Georgie pushing Banks in his stroller like he was on the Talledega Speedway, Jack finds a silver dollar in a planter of pansies, Georgie and Jack fight over the silver dollar, Daniel keeps trying to run away, a lot of sweating by me and Toe, two barefoot boys running in a big mud puddle, lots of wiping of feet with wet wipes, Georgie crying, Jack almost dropped Banks, Banks screaming, the silver dollar is lost, more sweating by me and Toe, Georgie pushing Banks even faster than before, lots more screaming by Banks, silver dollar found by Georgie (so now it is hers), packing two strollers, a bouncy seat, diaper bag and 4 kiddos in a mini-van, more screaming by Banks, driving off realizing the baby wasn't buckled in, panic by one frazzled mommy and aunt, and finally baby is safely secured and we are on our way!

And here are the pictures from our adventure! You can check out some of the funny out takes on Tori's blog here.

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His Jules said...

Loved the rundown of the trip. ToeToe's pics were much better after reading it! LOL