Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Random Post

This post is going to be all over the place....kind of random!

First, this sweet little thing is growing up way to fast! I want to slow the clock down just a little. She loves current (Top 40) music, is really into wanting to wear make-up, perfume and her nails and has a bad case of "Beiber Fever." I mean I blinked and she grew up. It really hits me when I am shopping in Target and I find myself wandering through the girls toddler section and I about lose it every time when I realize she can't wear those sweet innocent clothes anymore. She is in the dreaded "Girls Section" in the front of the store. You know... the one that has the hip hugger panties and graphic tees! I am going to freeze her so she can't get any bigger!

As far as the boys go, this is what they do most of the day.....

....and let me just tell you, this is one crazy little nut here!

We had all our windows in the house replaced a few months ago, and I am loving my new kitchen window! We have several trees you can see from the kitchen and this time of year it is a constant show of pretty birds who come to eat the berries on one of the trees. I have started keeping the camera in the kitchen so I could get some pictures of some of them from my window. Here are two little guys that I thought were pretty.

A few gates are down on the dam thanks to all the rain we got last weekend. I still think this is so pretty every time they are down, even if it is only a few.

Now this pic needs some explaining. We discovered that Tallassee has a pretty big population of groundhogs. When we drove down E.B. Payne Drive, and pass what we call the "Kudzu Patch", we would see the groundhogs pretty regularly. It got to be that ever time we rode by there was this one groundhog that would come out and sit about 10 feet away from the road on some old steps. We would roll down the windows and go by real slow so we could see him. Well, sadly last fall he got run over by a car. I didn't have the heart to tell the kids. They would look for him every time we went by, and he was never there. They would say things like, "I bet he is in his hole sleeping" or "maybe he is taking care of his Mama groundhog." It was a sad day when I saw him lying of the side of the road. He had kind of become a little friend of ours. Well, guess what we saw the other day! Another groundhog who likes to watch the cars go by. This one is a little more reserved though. He sits high on top of the hill and just comes out of his hole just enough to see what is going on. We have seen him several times and even got a picture of him. The kids were so excited! We called the first groundhog, Tallapoosa Tim, so I guess we can call this one Little Timmy (except he isn't so little).

Just a few new pics of the kiddos that I love...

And I had to end on this picture. On one of our walks this puppy followed us the entire walk. At one point Georgie got a little hyper (I know, imagine that) and this dog went nuts! He thought the kids wanted to play and he started jumping on them (in a playful way, not an aggressive way), but he was pretty big. You would have thought this dog was trying to kill them based on the reaction of these two. I think the looks on their faces is so funny! Does that make me a bad Mommy because what was sheer terror to them made me laugh? I hope not!

By the way, Michael took this picture. I couldn't because I was standing with my legs crossed so I wouldn't pee on myself!


The Scoggins Family said...

Love the pics of the kids! You are so good girl!

His Jules said...

I loved this! My absolute new favorite!