Friday, June 4, 2010

Just Being Jack

Jack spends his little days doing a lot of the same things. He spends an awful lot of time following me around and demanding things from me, like food and drink. But he does have several things he always likes to do. One of these involves his vast collection of cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, and trains. He loves to use his quilt on his bed as his "road." I think it is pretty clever that he uses the lines as his streets.

One thing I have learned about Jack....wherever he falls asleep, LEAVE HIM THERE! Even if it is on the coffee table in the living room. He actually took a 2 hour and 20 minute nap here!

One thing he loves to do is get out on the patio with the hose! He can entertain himself for hours if I'd let him. He especially loves to line up his cars and bike and wash them. He even washes his little matchbox cars! We might have the next Leon on our hands here....hee! (For those of you not from Tallassee, Leon is the BOMB at detailing a car!)

And finally, I wish I could report that Daniel and Jack always got along and were sweet to one another all the time. But the truth is, they fight a lot, and hit each other a lot, and play tug of war over toys a lot. But then there are sweet moments like this one here. Little Daniel loves to give out kisses and he got Jack good a few times a few days ago when they were rolling around on the bed. Sweet, huh?


His Jules said...

This may be my new favorite post!! Great pictures too!

Leah said...