Monday, May 24, 2010

Dance Recital

Saturday was Georgia Anne's dance recital. This is her third year taking from Brooke at Studio B Dance Center. This year she had to perform at both recitals. You know a Butler day wouldn't be complete without a little drama! In the first recital, she danced her gymnastics routine in the closing number. While the girls waited in a classroom during the show, Georgia somehow falls and hurts her arm. One of the ladies backstage comes and finds me at intermission with her crying hysterically. Now, Georgie tends to be very dramatic, especially when she is injured, but I knew she really was hurt. After finally calming her down, she performs, but you can tell she is in pain. So in between the two shows, we take her home to rest and give her ibuprofen. She still is complaining that her arm hurts. We didn't know what to do....take her to the emergency room, or let her tough it out and perform. Well, she decides to perform. She did a GREAT job, but I could tell she was a little off and taken back by her arm. After a trip to the emergency room, it was determined her arm was sprained, and not fractured (thank goodness). We love dance, but I am glad this year is done and in the books! Enjoy the pics!!

Jazz: Shake Your Groove Thing

Tap: Papa Loves Mambo

Baton: Hey Juliet

Ballet: You'll Be in My Heart

Gymnastics: Follow the Leader


Lori Mercer said...

So pretty! Great pictures! WOW! She had FOUR costumes?!? :)

His Jules said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! Tell Georgie she is a very brave ballerina, and that is the best kind!!!