Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grass Cutters

This spring when it came time to cut the grass the first time, our lawn mower wouldn't crank. Michael messed with it for a good day or so, with no success. Then he tried to cut the grass at the radio station a few days later. Same story there. That mower wouldn't crank either. So both mowers got sent to the small motor repair shop. Meanwhile, the grass kept getting taller and taller while we waited for them to be repaired. I guess Memaw and Paw Paw felt sorry for us because they showed up at our house this week with a brand new mower (thanks so much, Steve and Cathy). Friday afternoon, Michael finally had time to cut the grass.....with the help of Jack (our yard man in training). He cut the grass as long as Michael did, and was very proud of himself!