Thursday, April 22, 2010


Georgie has started another season of t-ball. This year she is on the "Lady Bugs" team and she is #9. I sure hope she decides to stick with softball, because it is so much fun. She has really improved since last year. She doesn't have to hit off the T (most of the time) and I think she really understands the basic rules of the game this year. She is a sight to see on the field!!

Paw Paw and Jack

Cousins: Brittan, Brooke, Georgia Anne, and Jack


April Kay said...

So cute, Leigh Anne!!! I can't wait for Mason to start playing t-ball!! I wish they could be 2 years old and be able to play!! :)

His Jules said...

would love to come watch her play - when and what time?

Leigh Anne said...

We'd love for you to come! She would be so pleased!! She plays on Saturday mornings. This week (24th) she plays at 9:00, but then the next three weeks she plays at 10:00 at the softball complex. She is on the top left field.

His Jules said...

I am definitely going to make that a date!!