Monday, April 26, 2010

Daniel at 13 Months

Here are a few pics of little man, taken at 13 months. O.K. bloggers, I need your help. I want to take one of these and have it made into a canvas. I would love to know which one you like the best. I think I know the one I like the best, but I need some reassurance!

Now, I thought I'd share how I got these pictures (which are actually some of my all-time favorites so far). I have been going through all of the kid's packed-up clothes. When I got to Jack's summer clothes, I found these little overalls. I had totally forgotten about them because Jack only wore them a handful of times. When I saw them, I suddenly remembered one of my favorite pictures of Jack, and he was wearing these. Then I thought, wait a minute, I took those pictures in the alley behind the Hotel Talisi (which burned down a few months back for those of you that didn't know). I wondered if that doorway was still standing. So I got Daniel in the overalls and we headed over to see. Yes, it was still there! I was so excited. Well, I have a tendency to want to "recreate" pictures I have taken of Georgia and Jack with Daniel (especially ones of Jack...I guess because they are both boys??). You know how that usually turns never get that lucky twice. Well, I was so excited when I took these, because Daniel was in the best mood and smiling and the light was perfect. Isn't it funny how some pics come about? These pictures of Jack and Georgia were taken on 7-28-08, when Jack was almost the same age as Daniel. We were driving by the Hotel and as we passed the alley, I thought, that would be a cool place to take their picture. So we hopped out and got these.

Jack at 12 months

Georgia Anne at 4 1/2 years old


andreabrosto said...

Wow!!! Those are such GREAT pics!! You should really do this professionally! I really like the first pic of Daniel, but I also like the last one!

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

I like them all! They all turned out great. For the canvas, I like the ones where he is sitting in the window frame. (I think that is a window frame.)

The Scoggins Family said...

SO SO good!! It is so hard to pick my favorite!! I LOVE the first one although he is not smiling! I also like the one of him sitting in the window frame! They are all good though, I don;t know how you will choose one for the canvas!!

Lauren Baugh said...

Leigh Ann,
I love the pictures!! You did such a great job!!! My favorite is the one with him sitting in the window sill.

Christie Mitchell said...

Such great pics!! I think the first is my fav. but I also really like the last one too :) Great job!!

His Jules said...

I absolutley love these and I think the last one would make a great canvas because you can even see the details of his little toes - toes which all too soon will be longer, thinner and leading him in a direction away rather than to Mom. Love you,