Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guess Who's Walking?!?!

Just a week and a half shy of his first birthday, Baby Daniel is walking! Last night just before bed, we were all in Georgia's room playing and reading, when Daniel just took off. It was the funniest and cutest thing I think I've ever seen. He was holding on to her play kitchen, and just walked over to Georgia and gave her the biggest hug and laugh! Of course, we all went nuts, which just encouraged him even more. I have pictures of his first steps, but I will spare you, since I was in my nightgown! We took these tonight before bath time (which explains all the semi-naked children). He is so proud of can just tell! My life is about to get even crazier than it already is!

1 comment:

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

haha, he looks like a wild man!!