Sunday, February 7, 2010

Big Train Table

Jack is OBSESSED with trains! He loves trains, train books, and toy trains. He lines things up that are not trains (like food, books, blocks) to be trains. He will ride his toy car, and say, "All aboard" before he rides off. He has a Big Book of Trains that he has worn the pages out already. He knows the difference between steam and diseal locomotives. Like I said, he is obsessed! That is why it is so sweet of my Dad to make Jack (and Daniel) a big train table, as Jack calls it. When I tell you my dad can do anything, he really can. He started making this train table in hopes that he could give it to them for Christmas, but as you can see from the pictures it is going to be quite elaborate. I think it will be done by his birthday in July. He had kept it a secret from Jack until about a month ago. Jack was so excited to see it. Every morning when we drop Georgia off at school, he asks, "We go to Papa's house to see my big train table?" My dad has made this thing from scratch! It is going to have about three levels of tracks, with tunnels and mountains. He has completed the framework and now is adding the tracks and molding the terrain from plaster and hand painting it all. I thought I'd share a few pictures of the work in progress. I promise to post pictures as soon as he has it complete. It will be a site to see!


Regina said...

What a wonderful gift and one that will be special for a very long time. Looking forward to seeing the finished track!!

Happy Monday,

alJeff11 said...

Good morning I am Allen W. Jeffries and I live in Pensacola. Abram and Charlotte are my 23 mounth old Gran Twins. We , the Gran Twins And I , enjoy trains and also I have lots of books. Our railroad is called "The Sodor and West Florida Line" . We would like to See the "Big Train Table ".

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

Amazing and VERY impressive! I can't wait to see the finished "Big Train Table."