Monday, February 1, 2010

Future Wal-Mart cashiers???

These two little guys like to play "store" with their cash registers (actually they are Georgie's, but Jack will tell you different...."mine!") It is so funny! Jack will set them up side by side on the coffee table. I have to buy things from Jack. Daniel just likes to push the buttons.
Tori and I would have KILLED for these when we were little! "Store" was one our favorite things to play. To let you in on how much we got into it, we would put cardboard boxes and stretch them from the kitchen island to the counter to make a counter. We drew an "x" on them to make the old school style scanners. We got a big calculator with printer ribbon from Granny one year for Christmas that served as our cash register, and then one of us would stand at the microwave and push buttons to make the "beeping" sound of the scanner. We would not always let items scan, so we could manually ring them up on the "cash register." We even ironed a Parisian bag one time so it would look new.....little did we know it would melt. Mom was happy about that one. I had to share these pics because it made me laugh thinking about us playing store!

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Tori and Bryan said...

OH my goodness! We were such dorks! I loved playing store and you can't for get stealing all of the forms from the bank so we could "cross" them on the credit card machine....then Daddy making us take them back in.